DIY: 2008 – HESAID

Join HE SAID’s football league! Discover new things about your practice, meet artists and have a good old critical debate in a non-pressured, alternative way.

Led by HE SAID Talent Agency.

Saturday 27 September 2008.
Colchester Castle Park.
Deadline: There is no deadline for this project and it is still possible to participate.


The Project
You are cordially invited to Colchester Castle Park on August Saturday 27 September 2008 at 10.00 am, to witness the dawn of the worlds first and best live art football league. Courtesy of HE SAID Talent Agency, artists will network in an unusual way, talking about issues affecting their practice before joining up all in the name of friendly rivalry to play football.

You will meet artists working on similar themes and together explore the many faces of live art. Come with your own team or seize the opportunity to make a new team with whoever you meet on the day. It doesn’t matter how big each team is, you could even play alone.

Your team will become an instant mini network, encouraging links and collaborations on a non-hierarchical, level playing field and you’ll get to play football just for fun. This is a chance to express what your work is about alongside and in close comparison to others.

The day will launch the HE SAID football league involving you. All you need to do is keep in touch with what you’re up to; we will post out all future fixtures and points, constituting the League Table.

The league is free to join and open to all.

Application Procedure
There is space for all on this event. However please email us to ‘book’ a place to help give an idea of numbers. There is travel money available for artists based in the East of England, please say in your email where you are coming from and if you would like to apply for travel money. Email Jamie on [email protected] with ‘DIY 5 football’ in the subject line.

About the Artist
HE SAID Talent Agency – – is a fictional but functional agency based in Colchester, Essex. Working on the principle of pseudonyms, HE SAID projects are varied, coverering many aspects of visual and live art, it also works to join up contemporary artists in the East of England. HE SAID Talent Agency is currently performing as part of a group event called the Fete Encounter –

Any Questions
If you have any questions about this event at all please email Jamie at [email protected].

Part of DIY: 2008

Unusual professional development projects conceived and run BY artists FOR artists

DIY: 2008


Unusual professional development projects conceived and run BY artists FOR artists

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