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Tales of Identity: The Generation of Images 7

Artist/Author: various | Editor: Roberto Pinto | Reference: P1530 | Type: Publication

In Spanish and English – re-catalogued on 24.11.2010

Papeles de Cultura Contemporanea

Artist/Author: various | Reference: P1499 | Type: Publication

Spanish publication with no English translation. Roles of Contemporary Culture: identity and institutionalisation in the contemporary artistic culture

The Generation of Images: Reality’s Desire

Artist/Author: Roberto Pinto, Minerva Cuevas, Carlos Garaicoa, Cai Guo-Qiang, Fabrice Hybert, Zoe Leonard, Shirin Neshat, Marko Peljhan, Nedko Solakov | Editor: Roberto Pinto | Reference: P0085 | Type: Publication

In Spanish and English

La Noche

Artist/Author: Comediants | Reference: P1109 | ISBN: 84-86279-11-9 | Type: Publication

Box-set containing a publication and newspaper with text and illustrations by Comediants, a Spanish collective of actors, musicians and artists dedicated to creative interventions within various disciplines. Also including a catalogue with writings and essays on the group. Spanishlanguage only.

Atlantic 306

Artist/Author: Àngels Margarit | Reference: P1097 | Type: Publication

Produced by Internationales Sommertheater-Festival Hamburg ’90. Photographic documentation by Carme Masià. Spanish and English.

Inner Sun

Artist/Author: Albert Vidal Kugu | Reference: D0462 | Type: DVD


Editor: Fine Art Faculty, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha | Reference: P0298 | ISBN: 84-8427-136-6 | Type: Publication

Catalogue of Situaciones 2001 festival. In Spanish.

The Monk of Chaos Worships The Bull

Artist/Author: Albert Vidal | Reference: V0138 | Type: Video

El Orante

Artist/Author: Albert Vidal | Reference: V0048 | Digital Reference: EV0048 | Type: Video


Artist/Author: Albert Vidal | Reference: V0046 | Digital Reference: EV0046 | Type: Video