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The Washroom Projects

Artist/Author: Jay Rechsteiner | Reference: V0763 | Type: Video

A social project that is driven by the participating members and their enthusiasm and willingness to create and be part of something special.

On the Street Where You Live

Artist/Author: Stacy Makishi | Reference: V0367 | Digital Reference: EV0367 | Type: Digital File

Footage of the 1999 perormance. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On shit, piss, blood, sweat and tears by Lois Keidan (P2195)

Vague, The Naked Shroud

Artist/Author: Ronald Fraser-Munro | Reference: V0109 | Type: Video

Self Exile

Artist/Author: Sheng Qi | Reference: V0223 | Type: Video

This item is part of the Study Room Guide On Performance in China by Adele Tan (P1114)


Artist/Author: Robert Pacitti | Reference: V0149 | Digital Reference: EV0149 | Type: Digital File

Time’s Arrow

Artist/Author: Viviane De Muynck | Reference: V0154 | Digital Reference: EV0154 | Type: Digital File

Video and digital documentation of performance shown in the ICA as part of 'Textuality' Season in September 1996.


Artist/Author: Antunez Roca | Reference: V0084 | Digital Reference: EV0084 | Type: Digital File

Documentation of work presented at the ICA as part of the “Totally Wired” Season in April 1996.

Avid Metamorphosis 1

Artist/Author: Rona Lee | Reference: V0105 | Digital Reference: EV0105 | Type: Digital File

Video and digital documentation of work exhibited at the ICA, London , 25th Sept 1995.

Piezas Distinguidas

Artist/Author: La Ribot | Reference: V0104 | Digital Reference: EV0104 | Type: Digital File

Ladies Falling (2)

Artist/Author: Susan Lewis | Reference: V0112 | Type: Video