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Media Parasites in the Early Avant-Garde: On the Abuse of Technology and Communication

Artist/Author: Arndt Niebisch | Reference: P3103 | ISBN: 978-1137276858 | Type: Publication

Niebisch retraces how the early Avant-Garde movements started out as parasites inhabiting and irritating the emerging mass media circuits of the press, cinema, and wired and wireless communication.

Industrial Culture Handbook – Re/Search 6/7

Editor: V. Vale | Reference: P2516 | ISBN: 0-940642-07-7 | Type: Publication

A reference guide to the philosophy and interests of a flexible alliance of the following deviant international artists.

Welcome to Cabaret

Artist/Author: Anne-Louise Rentell | Reference: A0417 | Type: Article

An article about cabaret: is it entertainment or performance art?