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12 Shooters

Artist/Author: Marcia Farquhar | Digital Reference: DB0131 | Type: Digital File

Incorporates 13 short-films by 13 different filmmakers, each a reconfiguration of a once-live work from the last 12 years of Farquhar’s practice.

Sounds from Beneath, Part 3 from XENON: an exploded opera

Artist/Author: Mikhail Karikis | Reference: D1489 | Type: DVD

A work centring around a choral piece for which Karikis invites an ex-miners’ choir to recall and sing the subterranean sounds of a working coal mine.

Life is More Important Than Art

Editor: Gilane Tawadros | Reference: P0968 | ISBN: 9780955568701 | Type: Publication

Investigates the current conditions for making and presenting contemporary art.