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Sounds from Beneath, Part 3 from XENON: an exploded opera

Artist/Author: Mikhail Karikis | Reference: D1489 | Type: DVD

Sounds from BeneathPart 3 from XENON: an exploded opera“Sounds from Beneath is a work by Mikhail Karikis in collaboration with Uriel Orlow centering around a choral piece for which Karikis invites an ex-miners’ choir to recall and sing the subterranean sounds of a working coal mine. In Sounds from Beneath, a desolate disused colliery in East Kent, once populated with workers, machines and the sounds of their activities is brought back to life through song…”

Life is More Important Than Art

Editor: Gilane Tawadros | Reference: P0968 | ISBN: 9780955568701 | Type: Publication

Investigates the current conditions for making and presenting contemporary art.