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Tetine – Experimental Video Compilation

Artist/Author: Tetine | Reference: D1973 | Type: DVD

Video compilation of selected performances by the mixed-media Brazilian duo Tetine: Samba de Monalisa – Tetine vs Sophie Calle; Tropical Punk; Shiva; Voodoo Dance; Revolver; Dance to Death; Mata Hari; Verite; Macumba; Let the X be X.

I Hope You Enjoy Your Stay

Artist/Author: Tetine | Reference: D1972 | Type: DVD

Video document of the performance by the mixed-media Brazilian duo Tetine, recorded live at the Stenersen Museum, Oslo, September 2012.

The Red Light Bandit

Artist/Author: Tetine | Reference: D1971 | Type: DVD

Video document. The mixed-media Brazilian duo Tetine perform a new score for the 1968 movie The Red Light Bandit rearranging its narrative through spoken and pre-recorded voices, found sounds, electronic music, plain love songs and manifestos.

From A Forest Near You

Artist/Author: Tetine | Reference: D1974 | Type: DVD

This album by the mixed-media Brazilian duo Tetine is a DIY collection of tropical mutant punk funk/ new wave & experimental electro pop fused with minimal dark sambas and leftfield percussive drum machine-pop, forming a set of personal electronic/post punk pieces with a very distinctive melodic and harmonic sense.

Tetine Pack

Artist/Author: Tetine | Reference: P2054 | Type: Publication

Texts and images on the mixed-media Brazilian duo Tetine. Article and documents in folder. Also see REF D1971-4.

Timeless Land

Artist/Author: Claudia Tomaz | Reference: D1924 | Type: DVD

Timeless Land is a visual documentary/poem inspired by Kevin Walsh’s life. The images are guided by his music when he was a ‘Full moon scientist’ (his band with Steve Rowlands – with albums at Hard Hands and Botchit&Scarper), music that expresses Kevin’s cosmology and wonders through Time and Imagination. Part of the underground music scene of the 90’s, Kevin was also a punk-rocker, a poet and a Dj. This film is a special homage to him and his music. A 14 min remix version integrates London Ground series. Directed + Camera, sound, editing by Claudia Tomaz.

Fly Low

Artist/Author: Full Moon Scientist | Reference: D1925 | Type: DVD

55:26 minutes mixed tracks. Full Moon Scientist was formed by Kevin Walsh and Steve Rowlands for a genuine brand of experimentalism within the confines of electronica.

She’s Not a Girl Who Misses Much

Artist/Author: Tetine | Reference: V0600 | Type: Video

Samba de Monalisa 2 and Madame Sata

Artist/Author: Tetine | Reference: V0479 | Type: Video