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Artist/Author: Gustavo Álvarez | Digital Reference: EF5143 | Type: Digital File

Part of “Negación y Utopía” (“Nagation and Utopia”), the first National Festival of Performance of Mexico, 6-29 November 2013, a platform showcasing work on Mexican identity and multicultural hybrids. This documentation includes recordings of the performance, exerpts, and interviews with the artist. Spanish language.

Timeless Land

Artist/Author: Claudia Tomaz | Reference: D1924 | Type: DVD

Timeless Land is a visual documentary/poem inspired by Kevin Walsh’s life. The images are guided by his music when he was a ‘Full moon scientist’ (his band with Steve Rowlands – with albums at Hard Hands and Botchit&Scarper), music that expresses Kevin’s cosmology and wonders through Time and Imagination. Part of the underground music scene of the 90’s, Kevin was also a punk-rocker, a poet and a Dj. This film is a special homage to him and his music. A 14 min remix version integrates London Ground series. Directed + Camera, sound, editing by Claudia Tomaz.