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Les Reines Prochaines: Schlafen ist individuelle Anarchie (Sleeping is individual Anarchy)

Artist/Author: Les Reines Prochaines | Editor: Nicole Krupp | Reference: P4148 | ISBN: LRP009 | Type: Publication

Limited edition Vinyl 125/250

Music and lyrics by Les Reines Prochaines: Michèle Fuchs, Fränzi Madörin, Muda Mathis, Sus Zwick. Guests: Chris Regn,Andrea Saemann.

Kindly donated for the Swiss Live Art Study Room Guide.


Artist/Author: Richard Huw-Morgan | Reference: P0920 | Type: Publication

Unplayed vinyl record. Gwrthrychol is translated from Welsh as “objective”.


Artist/Author: The Basement Group | Reference: P0884 | Type: Publication

The members of Basement Group recorded a track without hearing any other member's recordings. This was then mixed down into the vinyl. This record accompanies the Locus+ publication.