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The Work of Art Is a Parasite

Artist/Author: Lola Arias and Bertie Ferdman | Reference: A0589 | Type: Article

Lola Arias, co-curator of the international urban intervention project Ciudades Paralelas, talks with Bertie Friedman about reappraising notions of public space and spectatorship.

Sessão Pirata #34 – A Cópia Não É Um Falso

Artist/Author: Coletivo Filé de Peixe | Reference: D1975 | Type: DVD

Document of the work presented at Panorama Festival, CorpoCópia, Warehouse Utopia, Rio (GB) – 2011.


Artist/Author: Frenchmottershead | Reference: D1915 | Type: DVD

A collection of four videos documenting the result of a collaboration between Frenchmottershead and the members of Southwark community.


Artist/Author: Grupo Empreza | Reference: D1870 | Type: DVD

Documentation of various performance works dating from 2001 – 2009