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Clicking in: Hot Links to a Digital Culture

Editor: Lynn Hershman Leeson | Reference: P2898 | ISBN: 978-0941920421 | Type: Publication

The most provocative voices of the Digital Age grapple with the direction of digital technology and its concomitant issues, including virtual identities and their relationship to the physical self, the collision of commercial and community interests on the Net, the Net threat to intellectual property, and the merger of art, popular culture, and commerce in interactive media.

Networked Narrative Environments as Imaginary Spaces of Being

Editor: Andrea Zapp | Reference: P0829 | ISBN: 1-900756-24-2 | Type: Publication

*currently unavailable*

Leading international artists, writers and curators here examine specific examples of public installations and dramatic spaces that are linked to the Internet with the aim of integrating the viewer into the artwork