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Urban Hitchhiking: Wandering with Others as a Research Method

Artist/Author: Tuuli Malla, Anna Kholina and Lauri Jäntti | Reference: A0825 | Type: Article

Introduces urban hitchhiking, a reflective practice of sharing a walk with strangers, and considers its relevance for research and artistic practice.

In misc. folder 7.

Hotel Ballymun

Artist/Author: Seamus Nolan | Editor: Aisling Prior | Reference: P1849 | Type: Publication

From 31st March-28th April 2007 the top floor of Clarke Tower opened its doors to the public in the form of a unique short stay hotel.

MKVH (Milton Keynes Vertical Horizontal) - The Screenplay

Artist/Author: Hayley Newman | Reference: P1060 | ISBN: 78-0-9557610-0-3 | Type: Publication

Participants and contributors include Aria Alagha, Archie Alexander Sinclair, Pippa North, Edna Read