DIY: 2007 – The Performance of Intimacy

A four day professional development workshop exploring notions of intimacy and exchange within one to one performance.

Led by Sam Rose.

Saturday 21 July, Saturday 28 July, Saturday 4 August, and Saturday 11 August 2007.
East Midlands, Nottingham.

The Project

A workshop focusing upon what it means to experience intimacy within one to one performance.

Participants will be asked to consider:

  • What is intimacy?
  • How does the form and content of one to one performance create a sense of intimacy?
  • In the one to one experience, who carries the intimacy? Where is it located?
  • What are the economies of the exchange?

The workshop will explore the transgression of boundaries between performer  and audience within one to one performance, looking at how some works blur notions of the ‘real’ with moments of performativity. It will also look at how one to one performance can create heightened sensorial pleasure, or a heightened awareness of ‘self’, and ideas through which the audience member becomes implicit in the performance e.g. through the exchange of conversation.

The workshop will also consider the documentation of intimate performance.

These ideas will be explored through a variety of methods: discussion, practical tasks and activities, and through encountering the experience of intimacy within a variety of different contexts. Participants will also be asked to devise a one to one performance encounter as part of the workshop.

Application Procedure

The workshop is suitable for live artists and performers interested in the conceptual and process driven dialogues surrounding the performance of intimacy/ one to one practice.

Applicants must be able to attend all four days of the workshop.

Participants will be selected through open application. To apply send a cv and a statement highlighting why you wish to take part, including your interest in the performance of intimacy (250 words max).

All material should be marked ‘DIY4’ in the subject line and sent via e-mail to: [email protected].

Applications must be received by 6pm on Monday 11 June.

Successful applicants will be informed by Monday 18 June.

There are a maximum of eight places available.

About the Artist

Since 1999 Sam Rose has been showing work nationally and internationally working with live art, visual performance, video, and text. Her previous works are concerned with the body as a site for exploring issues of gender, sexuality, and desire, and she is currently working on notions of intimacy and exchange within one to one performance.

Any Questions
If you have any questions about the workshop, please e-mail Sam on [email protected].

Part of DIY: 2007

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DIY: 2007


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