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DIY: 2014 – Project List

Abigail Conway
//Ride/ (A Motorcycle Meditation) (with Cambridge Junction)
Saturday 23 August
A workshop that takes place on a motorcycle ride. *Closed*


Alana Jelinek
“You want me to do it your way?” (with Create Ireland)
Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 September
Articulating contemporary approaches to feminist art and activism and celebrating its many forms.


Andy Field
Friday 22 to Sunday 24 August
A practical experiment in flagrant plagiarism. *Closed*


Anne Bean
Chances Are (with Norwich Arts Centre)
Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 August
In true DIY fashion we will sculpt this project collaboratively using every chance device that comes to hand. *Closed*


Anthony Schrag
The Benefits of Being A Bit of An Asshole (with BUZZCUT & The Arches)
Saturday 11 October
Rethinking participatory and socially engaged artworks in the 21st century.


Dickie Beau
The House of Strange Loops (with National Theatre Studio)
Monday 24 to Friday 28 November
A workshop at the National Theatre Studio to create a new drag family ensemble, The House of Strange Loops.


Ernst Fischer
THE HIVE (with Chelsea Theatre)
November Weekends: 8 and 9, 15 and 16 and 22 and 23
A social gathering of, and discursive space for, mature performance/artists, art lovers and living works of art.


French & Mottershead
Living Archives
Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 October
Bring your boxes of stuff to delve into…


Geraldine Pilgrim
A World of your own (with Contact Manchester)
Saturday 20 September
Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 September
A developmental exercise in becoming someone else…


Gillie Kleiman
Criticism is community (with Compass Live Art)
Friday 5 to Sunday 7 September
This DIY is about criticism of all kinds: written reviews, official evaluation, post-scratch feedback sessions, and the Chinese whispers of “they said your show was shit”.


Harold Offeh
Call and Response (With hÅb and STUN)
Thursday 24 to Saturday 26 July
A workshop exploring the history of performance practices through physical and performative responses. *Closed*


Jason & Becky
Cabin Fervour (with National Theatre Wales)
Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 September
A group of artists set sail on a two-day yacht journey immersed in the elements, to look back at the Welsh landscape from a different perspective


Johanna Linsley
Stolen Voices (with Sound & Music and Arts Bournemouth)
An eavesdropping practicum for anyone who likes to listen in.


Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti
Atmospheric pressure: Performance vs Weather (with Folkestone Fringe)
Thursday 11 to Saturday 13 September
An experiment in engaging with the liveness of place, through attempting to collaborate with one of its most unpredictable elements: the weather.


Lauren Barri Holstein & Martin O’Brien
Is it a bird…? Is it a Plane…? (with Colchester Arts Centre)
10 / 11 / 12 October
A workshop investigating the potentials in the figure of the superhero for artists.


Lucky Pierre
Lucky Pierre Free University: The Sky Is Falling. The Money’s All Gone (with Abandon Normal Devices)
Throughout August and September
Research, share, argue and collaborate on-line and create responses to increasingly frequent natural, industrial, political, and economic disasters. *Closed*


Madeleine Botet de Lacaze
ASTROLOGY FOR ARTISTS (Yorkshire Sculpture Park)
Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 October
An exploration of the amount of Fire, Water, Earth and Air you have within yourself.


Manuel Vason
The Photo-Performer (with Artsadmin)
Saturday 25 to Tuesday 28 October tbc
Looking at photographic documentation as an action – a ritual of transformation from a ‘live’ image into a ‘photographic’ image.


Mel Brimfield and Gwyneth Herbert
Inside The Fun Palace (with National Theatre Studio)
Tuesday 29 July
Monday 18 to Wednesday 20 August
An interdisciplinary interrogation of what it might mean to resurrect Joan Littlewood’s vision for truly participatory community work today. *Closed*


Nando Messias
A walk through performance (with KARST)
Tuesday 9 to Friday 12 September
A workshop to develop original work based on walking performance.


Nicola Canavan
Raising the Skirt
Thursday 28 to Saturday 30 of August
‘La mar es posa bona si veu el cony d’una dona’ I am looking to construct a community of courageous and fearless Women to join me in the act of ‘Raising the Skirt’ and reclaiming our cunts.


Stacy Makishi
Uncivil Partnership (with Duckie)
Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 August
Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 September
Stacy Makishi wants to marry you! But since this is DIY, go marry yourself. *Closed*


Tim Jeeves 
Allowance to not Seek a Job (with Forest Fringe)
Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 August
Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 August
Finding the benefit in challenging the work ethic. *Closed*

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DIY: 2014


Unusual professional development projects conceived and run BY artists FOR artists

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