DIY: 2007 – Real and Unreal Presences; the exploration of belonging to in-between places

A three day intensive workshop exploring collaborative approaches to the generation of performance based site specific work and dialogue within a contemporary landscape.

Led by Sohail Khan

Monday 20, Tuesday 21, and Wednesday 22 August 2007.
Yorkshire, Proper Job Theatre Company, Huddersfield.


The Project
A three-day intensive structured workshop project led by artist Sohail Khan focusing on the generation of performance-based work which is of a site specific, intercultural and collaborative nature.

Participants will move between a studio base and a chosen location within the urban landscape of a Yorkshire town.  Exploring how a specific site of their choosing in that landscape speaks to them and how they can create a performative relationship within it and to it.

Sohail will lead and encourage participants to develop and share ideas in an environment of investigation and self-reflection, creating work which has personal resonance for the participants in the process.

The project may culminate in the presentation of live material to an invited audience or to the other performers.

Application Procedure

Artists who have some experience in making their own work, an interest in developing performance/live presence-based work and an interest in site-specific work are welcome to apply.

Artists who see themselves as inquiring and adventurous in how they wish to explore possibilities of live work, who also wish to engage with questions and issues around the nature of contemporary cultural being are encouraged to apply.  It is important that participants have an active interest in entering into dialogues with other practitioners as well as being open to new ways of working and collaboration.

As well as a cv that details their current experience applicants should submit a short statement around what excites them about the possibilities of the project and also an outline of a ‘seed idea’ that describes an area of work they wish to develop as a point of departure for the programme. Send your submission to [email protected] with ‘DIY 4’ in the subject line by 6pm on Wednesday 25 July.

The selection will aim to bring together as diverse a group as possible in terms of social, ethnic, cultural background; gender; artistic practice; and levels of experience. It is intended that a wide range of experience will encourage cross practice dialogue, exchange of experiences and skills to take place.

About the Artist

Sohail Khan is a freelance theatre arts practitioner living and working in the North of England.  He has collaborated on, devised and lead the development and making of Street Theatre, Live Art and work of a site specific nature since the late 1980’s. He is currently leading a performance based project called “The Fear of the Other.” which is in its fourth year of research and public exposition.

Any Questions
If you have any questions please contact Sohail on [email protected] with ‘DIY 4’ in the subject line.

Many thanks to Proper Job Theatre Comany for providing the venue for Real and Unreal Presences.

Part of DIY: 2007

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DIY: 2007


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