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DIY: 2007 – Creative Sauce Investigation – CSI, Yorkshire

Feeling more ‘dead artist’ than ‘live artist’? Creative Sauce Investigation – CSI resurrrects genius, pulverises procrastination and reunites artists with their own luminous sauce.

Led by Stacy Makishi.

Monday 23, Tuesday 24, Wednesday 25, Thursday 26, and Friday 27 July 2007.
Yorkshire, Leeds (venue TBC).


The Project
Artists! Have you been feeling more ‘dead artist’ than ‘live artist’? Do you notice that the more time you have, the less you get done? Are you constantly getting in your own way? Let Creative Sauce Investigation – CSI take the stiff out of your practice! Call it ‘flow’, ‘zone’, ‘source’ or ‘sauce’. In just five juicy days CSI will release genius, pulverise procrastination and reunites artists to their luminous sauce.

In 1920 the Surrealists Soupault and Breton absconded with the term automatic writing from the spirit medium types.  They took Freud’s theorized entity, ‘the unconscious mind’ and came up with a method where that ‘salsa entity’ was invited to speak directly to the page, bypassing the ego’s logical filters and the super-ego’s prissiness. Could this unconscious mind also be where the great creative sauce flows?

Introducing Creative Sauce Investigation. (CSI).

This salsa-stirring-workshop will help artists:

  • Dip into the splendour of their special sauce
  • Resist resistance and pulverize procrastination
  • Create their own sustainable salsa sal(o)ons, to keep the sauce flowing

Sauce in a nutshell:
CSI is a five-day workshop that includes strategies for creating text, solo performance and also ideas for collaborating with other artists. It will also include professional development/time management strategies with sauce-inspiring homework assignments every night.

On the last day the emphasis of the workshop will be focused on how to create sustainable ongoing CSI units, where participants can carry on making work and sharing work with others.

Application Procedure

Open to artists at any level of experience. This physical workshop is especially aimed at artists who are interested in creating performance work. There are between six and eight places available.
Please send an email that expresses your current artistic practice.  Also list current obsessions, curiosities, fantasies and inspirations.  Also explain what is getting in the way of your practice and what you hope to get out of this workshop. Send your submission to Stacy at [email protected]with ‘CSI Yorkshire’ in the subject line.

The project hopes to select artists who will most benefit from the workshop. The final place is only open to an artist based in Yorkshire. Email Stacy to check availability.

About the Artists

Hawaii-born Stacy Makishi works in a variety of media including site-specific installations, video, new writing, physical theatre and live art. Her new work, Bull: The True Story is currently touring internationally. Stacy often collaborates with Split Britches, Vick Ryder and Joshua Sofaer. Stacy is an associate artist at Artsadmin. For more information, check out

Any Questions
If you have any questions regarding CSI Yorkshire please contact Stacy on [email protected] with ‘CSI Yorkshire’ in the subject line.

Part of DIY: 2007

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