DIY: 2007 – Places we’ve never been

A series of three walks from the centre of London to destinations within the boundary of the M25 motorway with a follow-up discussion/showing.

Led by Daniel Gosling.

Monday 21, Wednesday 23, and Friday 25 May and showing on 9 June 2007.

The Project

In the 1970s Clinton (George, not Bill) famously said “Free your mind and your ass will follow.” Funky register aside, he’s got a point. What was it that got you into art college? Was it a vague knowledge of a linguistic paradigm, poststructuralist psychoanalysis and fin de siècle cultural theory or was it something else entirely? Something that you’ve perhaps been neglecting and that has likely changed while you’ve been away?

Places we’ve never been is about the reinvigoration of intimate frames of reference for the production of art, a journey-space for participants to freshly investigate where your focus lies in your work.

Application Procedure

The workshop is for early career BA graduates and other emergent artists. Aside from that you must have the impulse to transform experience, not have a problem with getting up very early, be punctual and reliable, have the stamina to walk as far as the M25 three times in one week and, last but not least, possess a wet weather coat because rain will not be an excuse to cancel.

Applicants are invited to email a list of the last three significant things you did in your practice (whether public or private) and a short paragraph explaining why you are interested in participating in this project. Please also state when you graduated from your BA. Emails should be sent directly to Daniel on [email protected] and should incluce ‘DIY 4’ in the subject line. The deadline for submissions is 6pm on 30 April.

All participants attending all four sessions will receive £28- as a contribution towards travel costs. The maximum number of participants is nine (ten including Daniel).

About the Artists

Daniel Gosling is an artist with a longstanding interest in physical journeys as production devices and intensive laboratories. He has previously made three works via long distance hitchhike, the outcomes being a book work (Small Acts), a studio performance (Berlin) and a web work (BBCi). In 2006 he participated in a 34 days padyatra (protest walk) from Bhopal to Delhi by a group of Bhopal gas disaster survivors and activists. A video, sound and text installation derived from this material is currently in production.

Any Questions
If you have any questions regarding Places we’ve never been please contact Daniel on [email protected].

Part of DIY: 2007

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DIY: 2007


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