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DIY 11 Documentation

More info about DIY

More info about DIY 11: 2014

Professional development projects BY artists FOR artists across the UK.


DIY 11: 2014 built on the success of previous DIY initiatives and offered artists working in Live Art the chance to conceive and run professional development projects for other artists.

2014 was another bumper year with 23 projects taking place across the UK between July and November produced in collaboration with 23 national partner organizations.

In 2014, DIY projects took many forms, from the creation of a temporary biker gang in Cambridge, astrology in Yorkshire Sculpture Park an eavesdropping in Bournemouth, a workshop for assholes in Glasgow and a superhero weekender in Colchester. Between them they covered diverse subjects of investigation including chance, plagiarism, archives, the weather, criticism, feminism, participation, ageing, documentation, wage and much more.

Full details of all DIY 11 projects

With 23 projects across the country and over 200 participants, DIY 11 generated lots of documentation. On this page is a selection of text, video and image documentation (view images above) from various DIY 11 projects.


Documentation from Johanna Linsley and Rebecca Louise Collins' DIY Stolen Voices can be found on Tumblr.

Documentation from Nicola Canavan's DIY Raising the Skirt can be found on the Raising the Skirt website.

A one off artist 'book' from Manuel Vason's DIY The Photo Performer can be viewed in the LADA Study Room.

A collection of Mail Art from Anne Bean's DIY Chances Are can be viewed in the LADA Study Room.

Feedback from DIY lead artists and participants

As I opened up my box of choice, my wavering voice revealed how fragile it felt to expose old work to new attention. With the warmth and generosity of feedback from the group, I now feel enormously encouraged to continue with my investigations, zoning in and drilling down into the elements of French & Mottershead’s archive that still excite me and using them as the starting point for creating new, visual work.

Rebecca French, Living Archives Lead Artist

It's been such a brilliant weekend, allowing me to exercise some thinking that hitherto has been in the isolation of my own studio, bringing it into chats, encounters and discussion has been incredibly useful.

Kira O'Reilly, Living Archives participant

I personally loved the diverting and not-knowing – I couldn't have approached it any other way – too unsure and ambivalent about my place in all this stuff.  It is all resonating and slotting into things but won't settle and that's a good thing – its stuff not to be 'parked' but worried at or over or about – fretted on.

Participant in Gillie Kleiman's Criticism is Community

…this was an amazing experience and ultimately I feel spending a short and intensive period of time with these fellow artists has enriched my practice.

Harold Offeh, Call & Response Lead Artist

I felt rejuvenated after such a great weekend. Everything was so good for me, I would like to say that it was one of the best experiences I ever had in England.

Veronica Cordova de la Rosa, Call & Response participant

This DIY was a really powerful experience for me; the sensitivity and openness of the artists enabled us to have in depth discussions of a level that I have not had the opportunity to experience since my DIY10. Thank you LADA for encouraging these developmental events, which enable artists to really grow from working with each other in a supportive environment.

Geraldine Pilgrim, A World of Their Own Lead Artist

I had such an enjoyable weekend during the DIY, thanks mostly to how it was set up to be exploratory and open from the outset. Through Gerry taking part, and us all facilitating one another's experience, this became more of a developmental process than a workshop. We quickly became a small community, willing to share, understand and listen to one another, made up of ourselves and our alter egos. For me, it marked the culmination of something that felt important to my understanding of who I am, and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience that.  

Ashleigh Griffiths, A World of Their Own participant of the most effective ' not a workshop' workshops I have experienced.

Mel Donohoe, A World of Their Own participant


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From Nicola Canavan’s DIY Raising the Skirt in collaboration with photographer Dawn Felicia Knox


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