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How to Become an Action Hero

Artist/Author: Elizabeth Streb | Reference: P1923 | ISBN: 978-1-55861656-1 | Type: Publication

Elizabeth Streb combines memoir and analysis to convey how she became an extreme action dancer/choreographer. This item is part of the Study Room Guide: On Falling by Amy Sharrocks (P2249).


Artist/Author: Sinead O'Donnell, Hugh O'Donnell | Reference: D1746 | Type: DVD

Sinead and Hugh O’Donnell: “Gravity” – Gallery Animal. Santiago, Chile 2009. See Also: Sinead and Hugh O’Donnell “Student Workshops” (D1747)

Mehmet Sander Dance Company: Selected Works

Artist/Author: Mehmet Sander Dance Company | Reference: D1612 | Type: DVD

This item is part of the Study Room Guide: On Falling by Amy Sharrocks (P2249)

Luber in der Luft

Artist/Author: Heinrich Luber | Reference: D1588 | Type: DVD

As a mastermind and brilliant storyteller, Heinrich Lüber takes us on a journey through his seemingly weightless world.

almost everything in life almost didn’t happen

Artist/Author: Heinrich Luber | Reference: P1578 | Type: Publication

Reflects the body as source of language, the image as the parameter of expression and the sound (such as noise, language) as medium of meaning.

Showing the wires

Artist/Author: Steve Rogers | Reference: A0482 | Type: Article

Steve Rogers in conversation with Julian Maynard Smith, founder of Station House Opera.

Untitled Experiments

Artist/Author: Howard Matthew | Reference: V0284 | Digital Reference: EV0284 | Type: Digital File

Footage of the untitled experiments originally conceived as a series of unexplained film clips shot on super-8.