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Things Found in Books (From a Collection)

Artist/Author: Dan Thompson | Reference: P1797 | Type: Publication

Photographs and sketches found in books and collected.

Empty Shops Toolkit

Artist/Author: Dan Thompson, Empty Shops Network | Reference: P1798 | Type: Publication

*currently unavailable*

Aims to spread the skills, knowledge and resources needed to turn an empty shop into a pop-up shop as far and wide as possible.

Explorer’s Handbook: A Guide to Exploring Places

Artist/Author: Dan Thompson | Reference: P1796 | Type: Publication

Maps and games for interacting with the everyday environment. Includes fold out map.

Do It Yourself

Artist/Author: Dan Thompson | Reference: A0463 | Type: Article

An illustrated pamphlet featuring a series of quotations about developing and producing art within a DIY ethic.