DIY 11: 2014 - Anne Bean ‘Chances Are’

In true DIY fashion we will sculpt this project collaboratively using every chance device that comes to hand

The deadline for this project has now passed.

Project summary: 
Notions of chance and authentic collaboration intrigue me as a way of shaking-up and disturbing accepted approaches to both life and art. Through the many collaborations I have engaged in, my work has gone through markedly different manifestations and recently, the conscious use of chance to underpin a project for over 2 years, led to huge insights and a powerful ongoing re-looking at habitual life/art patterns. Already, this DIY project, Chances Are, has been initiated into ‘chanciness’ and is underway, with an unexpected and unplanned placing of it in Norfolk because Norwich Art Centre asked to host the project
. This immediately suggested a date to me as I had written, in my 2014 calendar: 'Perseid Meteor Showers, 12/13 August, Norfolk beach.' Therefore, it will take place, between 12th and 13th for both days and overnight, somewhere near or by the sea in Norfolk. The Perseid showers are at their best just pre-dawn and I have watched them several times lying on the beach in Norfolk.

Dates, times and location(s):
Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 August for both days and overnight, somewhere near or by the sea in Norfolk, tbc.

Application procedure:
Given this initial information, I would like the applicants to ‘divine’ our next step and write about it to me. This step will revolve around how to decide where we meet, how this happens, where we stay or don’t stay. I will juggle these responses and possibly put them all in a hat and pull one out or find another method to shape it. Five people will take part. You will be responsible for your travel expenses but I will pay for accommodation should that become part of our chance requirements. Send your email to Anne Bean cc'ing Aaron Wright.

Deadline, noon, Tuesday June 24th.

The artist:
“Reading Anne Bean’s CV is like following a continuous performance, a continuous response to the world… a ‘magicification’ of the world. The panoply of places she has worked, times of the day or night, interiors, exteriors, seasons, publics, materials, concepts, tools, is astonishing: all shifting but all attuned to unique situations.” Guy Brett: Autobituary

Anne Bean

This project is part of DIY 11: 2014 and is supported by Norwich Arts Centre.