DIY: 2014 – Johanna Linsley with Rebecca Louise Collins ‘Stolen Voices’

An eavesdropping practicum for anyone who likes to listen in.

Project Summary:
Stolen Voices is about eavesdropping. It is about listening-in, or the way listening is always positioned in space and in time. It is about overhearing, or the stuff we add to everything we hear – the biases and associations that help us construct identities for those who surround us. Finally, it is about the (often uncomfortably) unstable border between private and public that we all negotiate by existing in common with others. Taking place over one weekend, and alternating between independent fieldwork and group creation, this workshop culminates in an ‘Eavesdropping Cabaret’ – details on this to follow once attendance is confirmed.

Dates, times and location(s):
Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 October, Pavillion Dance, Bournemouth.

Application procedure:
This workshop is open to anyone who has ever contemplated the pleasures and perils of a stranger’s voice, but it might be of particular interest to artists working with sound or the voice (not necessarily musicians or singers, though these disciplines are very encouraged); artists interested in novel approaches to performance documentation; and artists whose practices deal with the boundaries between private and public, and who have political or ethical questions they would like to work through with a focused group.

To apply for Stolen Voices, please send an email to Johanna Linsley cc'ing Aaron Wright including a paragraph briefly detailing your artistic background and what you hope to get out of the workshop. Participants will need to pay for travel and accommodation. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

Deadline, noon, Monday July 21st.

The artist:
Johanna Linsley is an artist, research and producer. Her work focuses on intersections between public knowledge and private experience. She is part of I’m With You, a London-based live art producing team focusing on queer domesticity, and she is a co-founder of UnionDocs, a documentary arts organization in New York. Johanna will be joined by Rebecca Louise Collins, an artist and researcher whose work lies between performance, audio-based artwork, and theatre. For details on Rebecca's projects, including extensive work on the voice and eavesdropping, please visit

Johanna Linsley

This project is part of DIY 11: 2014 and is supported by Sound & Music and Arts Bournemouth.

Banner image credit:

Image by Christa Holka

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