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DIY: 2014 – Abigail Conway ‘Ride (A Motorcycle Meditation)’

A workshop that takes place on a motorcycle ride.

The deadline for this project has now passed.

Project Summary:
RIDE is a celebration of biker culture but also a reflection on how we see things differently when travelling though a city or landscape. It is about how we look forward and how we look back, and whom we choose to travel with along the way.  RIDE is a meditation on freedom, searching, standing alone, and holding on to someone for dear life.

For DIY, I will pair up 6 artists with 6 motorbike riders for a 1-day field trip and picnic to Cambridge.  Invited artists would join a fleet of bikers that would take them out of the city, on a journey to explore ideas around freedom, intimacy and escapism. 

Dates, times and location(s):
Saturday 23 August
Return journey starting from London travelling to Cambridge Junction  (early start – exact time and location tbc).

Application Procedure:
This invitation is open to anyone, but in particular artists who are into motorbike riding and culture, sound design, sound technologies and immersive, participatory experiences. If you are a non-biker artist or an artist-biker (who has their own bike, and is willing to take someone pillion) please get in touch!

As places are extremely limited, please send an email to Abigail Conway cc'ing Aaron Wright including answers to the following:
Why you are interested in the project
Where you would like to travel on a bike (if anywhere and why)
What would be/is your ideal ‘viewing’ spot of a city or urban landscape
What music you like to listen to when travelling
A summary of your artistic practice

If you are applying as an artist-biker please also answer the additional information:

What make/ model of motorbike would you be riding?
How long have you beeen riding your motorcycle for?
Have you experience of taking people pillion?
Do you have a spare helmet?
Can you provide proof of driving license and insurance details.

Deadline extended till noon, Friday July 4th.

The Artist:
Abigail Conway creates participatory installations and live performances – open, interactive environments that draw people in and make space for them think about big questions in life from a different perspective.  Abigail's interests lie in working with material objects, craft and skill-based actions. She is committed to exploring intimacy within instruction-based works. 

Abigail founded the live art company Subject to_ change, which created home sweet home – an interactive installation where the audience build and customise cardboard houses and build a living community over the course of a week or weekend.  The work has toured extensively to national and international acclaim, including festivals such as LIFT, Norwich and Norfolk Festival, SPILL, Theaterformen and Perth International Arts Festival. 

Abigail Conway

This project is part of DIY 11: 2014 and is supported by Cambridge Junction.

Part of DIY: 2014

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