DIY: 2014 – Andy Field ‘STEAL THIS WORKSHOP’

A practical experiment in flagrant plagiarism

The deadline for this project has now passed.

Project Summary:
Five artists or companies will be given two days and £150 to rip-off another artist’s work. In advance of the two days, I will select for each participating artist an earlier piece of work by another artist that they will have to re-appropriate, borrow from or rip-off to in some way to create a new 10-15 minute long piece of their own. How they choose to do so will be entirely up to each artist. Over the weekend we’ll use this task to think about inspiration, appropriation, homage and outright thievery. We’ll challenge the rhetoric of innovation and the notion of intellectual property. We’ll consider how ideas are borrowed, shared and improved on. We’ll steal and call it art, or perhaps we’ll make art and call it stealing. 

Application Procedure:
To apply, please send a short email describing the following five things to Andy Field cc'ing Aaron Wright:

Who you are
What kind of work you make
Who your most significant influences are
Something that you’ve stolen
Something that has been stolen from you

Your answers can be as flippant or as serious as you wish.

Deadline, noon, Tuesday June 24th.

Dates, times, location(s):
23 and 24 August
Live at LICA, Lancaster
People are encouraged to arrive the evening before for a non-compulsory group meal

The Artist:
Andy Field is an artist, writer and curator based in London. He has created performance work on his own and with a variety of collaborators since 2007. Andy is also the co-director of Forest Fringe, an artist-led community creating space for risk and experimentation in Edinburgh, across the UK and internationally.

Andy Field

This project is part of DIY 11: 2014 and is supported by Live at LICA.

Banner image credit:

Image by Urban Combing, licensed by creative commons.

Part of DIY: 2014

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