DIY: 2014 – Manuel Vason ‘The Photo-Performer’

Looking at photographic documentation as an action – a ritual of transformation from a ‘live’ image into a ‘photographic’ image. 

Project summary:
After 15 years of practice I have reached the conclusion that the perfect  ‘Live Art photographer’ is somebody in between a photographer and a performance artist; a sort of ‘insider’. This DIY project is an opportunity to gather a crew of ‘co-workers’, to test and discuss these issues with the aim of developing new approaches.

The workshop is open to participants of different ages, genders and nationalities.

The workshop welcomes photographers with a particular interest in Live Art who are prepared to undertake physical training to build specific body awareness. The workshop welcomes performance artists with a good knowledge of photography who are prepared to improve their technique and commit to documenting other artist’s work. Participants need to have their own photographic equipment.

The workshop is open to a maximum of 8 participants. In case of a selection I will prioritize an equal number of male and female as well as a most equal level of experience among the participants.

Dates, times and location(s):
25 to 28 October 2014, Artsadmin, tbc.

Application procedure:
Please send the following via email to Manuel Vason cc'ing Aaron Wright:
– A statement describing your practice

– A text describing why you would like to attend the workshop

– Example of work and link to web material

Deadline, noon, Monday July 21st.

The artist:
Manuel Vason’s artistic practice explores the relationship between photography and performance, presence and representation. He considers the capturing of a moment as an act of creation, as a ritual towards the illusion of immortality and as an exchange between who is in front and who is behind the camera. The collaborative nature of his practice shapes a unique hybrid art form and forms new vocabularies. His collaborations to date have become some of the most iconic images of performance and his work has been published and presented internationally.

Manuel Vason

This project is part of DIY 11: 2014 and is supported by Artsadmin.

Banner image credit:

Photo by ‘Becoming an Image’ workshop team

Part of DIY: 2014

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