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[POSTPONED] On Magic: LADA Screens and Study Room Guide Launch

26 Mar 2020

A magical double bill – a screening of Tim Bromage’s new film The Lord of Misrule and the launch of Tom Cassani’s LADA Study Room Guide Deception, Performance Magic, Hoaxes, Pranks and Tricks.

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[POSTPONED] Enduring Turkey: performance videos from Turkey and its diaspora

17 Mar 2020

“Enduring Turkey: A Selection of Endurance Performance Videos from Turkey and its Diaspora” Presented by Queer Art Projects in partnership with CUNTemporary.

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LADA Screens: selina bonelli

13 Feb 2020

A screening of (re)collecting (f)ears, a film documenting a number of performances by the artist selina bonelli.

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Dissenting Bodies Marking Time – Study Movie Room and Bibliotheque

08 Jan 2020 - 18 Jan 2020

LADA has curated a Bibliotheque and video review as part of the next iteration of Venice International Performance Art Week.

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World AIDS Day Screening – David Wojnarowicz

05 Dec 2019

LADA is delighted to host the first UK screening of Self Portrait in 23 Rounds, a film about the work and life of David Wojnarowicz.

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LADA Screens: Narcissister

14 Nov 2019

Against the backdrop of her provocative and inventive performance, Narcissister reflects on the personal impact of her mother’s illness and death.

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24 Sep 2019

An evening of short films and performance documentation by artists working around ritual, performance and queer futurity.

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‘Timely Readings: A Study on Live Art in Australia’ Launch and LADA Screens: Club Ate

06 Sep 2019

A two part event, featuring screenings, conversation and readings, looking at Australian Live Art.

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Project ID – In Between Identities | Study Movie Room

05 Jul 2019 - 07 Jul 2019

Ouch screening programme is being shown at Ruimtevaart Den Haag, The Netherlands

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LADA Screens: Kembra Pfahler

28 May 2019

A screening of films and video artworks by the visual and performance artist, filmmaker and musician Kembra Pfahler

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LADA Screens: Katherine Araniello, a celebration

16 Apr 2019

An evening to celebrate the life and Live Art of the brilliant and inspirational artist Katherine Araniello.

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LADA Screens: Morgan Quaintance

21 Feb 2019 - 17 Apr 2019

‘Anne, Richard and Paul’ a moving image work relating to Bow Gamelan Ensemble’s work, ‘White Lightning’ (1987)

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LADA Screens: George Chakravarthi

12 Dec 2018

Representations of the different femininities embodied by transvestites and cross-dressers, the pleasures and fears

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World AIDS Day Screening: REZA ABDOH

30 Nov 2018

On the eve of World AIDS Day watch a documentary film about seminal Iranian-American theatre director

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LADA Screens and Book Launch: Anne Bean

29 Nov 2018

Celebrating the first substantial survey on the work of the artist Anne Bean

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LADA Screens launch & RRR4 on Privilege

30 Oct 2018

An evening with contributions from artists Rita Marcalo, Kelly Green, Scottee, Barby Asante, Fox Irving, and Amit Rai

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LADA Screens: Exterritory

20 Sep 2018

Aiming to encourage the exploration of ideas concerning extraterritoriality in an interdisciplinary context

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LADA Screens: Open Call Launch Event 2018

26 Jul 2018

Screening of work from two selected artists, Nicola Fornoni and Adam Patterson

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LADA Screens: Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich

28 Jun 2018

A film documenting his guerrilla performances ‘Foundlings’ made between 2015 and 2017

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LADA Screens: Oozing Gloop

24 Apr 2018

Watch ‘GLOOP! The Movie!’ with the trans-aggressive tarot card reader and tattooist Oozing Gloop

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LADA Screens: SWAGGA – A Study On Camera

21 Mar 2018

An extravaganza of mess, antisocial emotions and intersectional feminist sensibility

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LADA Screens: Martin O’Brien – The Unwell (and Book Launch)

26 Feb 2018

Martin’s very own version of a zombie film was made in collaboration with Suhail Ilyas

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Ron Vawter’s Roy Cohn/Jack Smith – A Screening and Conversation

01 Dec 2017

To mark World AIDS Day and the 25th anniversary of Ron Vawter’s legendary performance

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LADA Screens: Tehching Hsieh

30 Nov 2017

Tehching Hsieh, Adrian Heathfield and Hugo Glendinning present the film ‘Outside Again’

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LADA Screens: Noëmi Lakmaier

17 Oct 2017

A 48 minute film made from a 48 hour performance by Noemi Lakmaier

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LADA Screens: Neil Bartlett

17 Aug 2017 - 17 Oct 2017

Film of Neil Bartlett’s one night revival of A Vision of Love Revealed in Sleep (1984) at Tate Britain

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LADA Screens – Liz Rosenfeld

13 Jul 2017

A selection of works by Liz and films from LUX archive which explore cruising, female bodies and desire

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LADA Screens – Future Histories and I’m Roger Casement

06 Jun 2017

A special screening of two films from major Irish 2016 centenary projects

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LADA Screens – A Film About Performance Magazine

28 Apr 2017 - 06 Jun 2017

This short documentary film maps Performance Magazine’s history and legacy

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LADA Screens – Die Fabrikanten (AT) – Hotel Obscura

04 Apr 2017

A series of one-to-one performances that took place in a hotel in Austria, produced by Die Fabrikanten

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Ouch – Pain and performance

15 Mar 2017 - 17 Mar 2017

A screening programme looking at pain and performance, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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IBT17: Live Art &…

09 Feb 2017 - 19 Feb 2017

LADA has curated a programme of short films and documentation reflecting recent histories of Live Art

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LADA Screens – Nando Messias

07 Feb 2017

Launch event for Shoot the Sissy, a film based on Nando Messias’ live performance of the same title

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LADA Screens – Adrian Heathfield and Hugo Glendinning

26 Jan 2017

For this LADA Screens we are presenting two films by Adrian Heathfield and Hugo Glendinning

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LADA Screens – Franko B

29 Nov 2016

LADA Screens presents Because of Love, a rough cut of the first documentary about the life and work of Franko B

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LADA Screens – Forced Entertainment

10 Oct 2016

Uncertain Fragments, a video essay reflecting on the work and process of the world-renowned UK performance ensemble Forced Entertainment

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LADA Screens: Curious and Andrew Kötting

22 Aug 2016

Launch event screening two short films by Curious in collaboration with Andrew Kötting

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LADA Screens – Adrian Howells

18 Jul 2016

London: LADA Screens presents selected works of Adrian Howells and Book Launch

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Ouch: Pain and Performance

01 Jul 2016

A dark and daring journey into the pursuit of pain for science, for pleasure, for progress, for art and for agency

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LADA Screens: Audition Project – Launch Event

09 Jun 2016

LADA Screens presents Miss High Leg Kick’s ‘Audition Project’.

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LADA Screens: Oreet Ashery – Launch Event

16 May 2016

LADA Screens presents Oreet Ashery’s ‘Revisiting Genesis’.

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LADA Screens: Liberate Tate – Launch Event

30 Apr 2016

LADA Screens presents Liberate Tate ‘Birthmark’.

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LADA Screens: Johanna Went – Launch Event

29 Mar 2016

London: Screening of ‘Knifeboxing’ and a chance to mark the departure of LADA’s Programme Manager Aaron Wright

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LADA Screens: Johanna Went

29 Mar 2016 - 12 Apr 2016

‘Knifeboxing’ will be available to view for free online from 29 March – 11 April 2016

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