Reimagining Care

Ongoing Project

In the last few years, discourses about care have been brought to the forefront by social movements, calling us to acknowledge our mutual interdependence while navigating the pandemic condition in an interconnected world in multiple crises. What do frameworks of care contribute to better understand and transform the art sector? How can they help us question funding priorities and ways and paces of working, and what tools do they offer to address the often extractive relationship between institutions and artists?

Responding to the urgency of such discussions and to our commitment to care as an organisational practice, LADA is thrilled to announce that the transdisciplinary artist and independent researcher Rubiane Maia is launching the project Reimagining Care with a six-month residency lasting until March 2023.

A Research Residency by Rubiane Maia

Starting from the fact that to be an artist today could be a process in itself exhausting, especially for artists who have care responsibilities, Rubiane will explore and expand notions of care and talk with transnational art projects and initiatives whose work centres practices and understandings of care.

The residency focuses on processes and exchanges rather than outcome, and is funded through the salary of LADA’s Co-Director Chinasa Vivian Ezugha.

Read more about Rubiane and the residency 200 Questions About Care by Rubiane Maia
A slender black woman with her dark hair tied back. She is dressed in white and is sitting cross-legged in a white chair on the left side of the image. She is holding an open notebook and is looking at its pages. Behind the chair is a low concrete wall, beyond and above the roof is visible. In front of the woman, up to her knees, are several fronds of green bean plants. She is flanked by two white anglepoise lamps on the floor. The Garden - Performance, 2015. Photo Tete Rocha


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