One To One – Individual Artists’ Bursaries in Live Art 2003/2004

The Live Art Development Agency is delighted to announce that eight London based artists have been awarded One To One bursaries of between £5,400 and £8,100 each.

The One To One bursaries are for artists to undertake self determined programmes of process-based work that will stimulate new ideas, develop different ways of working and ultimately enhance their artistic practice.

Uniquely, the framework and guidelines for the One To One bursaries were devised in response to the findings of a series of artists' focus groups run by the Live Art Development Agency annually since summer 2001.

This year's selection panel consisted of Donna Lynas of South London Gallery, Mark Ball of Fierce, Manick Govinda of Artsadmin, previous bursary recipient Leslie Hill, and Lois Keidan and Daniel Brine of the Live Art Development Agency. Paula Brown of Arts Council England, London attended as an observer.

An archive copy of the One to One Guidelines for 2003/2004 is available on this site.

The One To One bursary scheme is financially assisted by Arts Council England, London.

The One To One 2003/2004 artists

The eight One To One bursary artists for 2003/2004 represent a diversity of constituencies and practices and cover a range of process based programmes.

* Anne Bean received a bursary to re-explore the overlap of painting, sculpture and Live Art practices out of which her performance work originated. In particular to ‘reform' pieces through a formalised process and to rediscover a spontaneous openness and thereby inspire a fresh sense of potential in approach to new work.

* Anna Best received a bursary to appraise her practice and to consider a wider context for its representation including the development of a website model that can provide an innovative way of interpreting her work and approach.

* John Jordan received a bursary to undertake a programme of activity structured to consider the potential of developing a form of Live Art practice that doesn't look like art or activism, but that takes its aesthetics as seriously as politics.

* Richard Layzell received a bursary to further explore, through mentoring, writing and publishing, the relationship between the documentation of ephemeral practice and the generation of text (both related and unrelated).

* Hayley Newman received a bursary to continue to look at documentary methods and the relationship between experience and representation, through artistic research, skills acquisition and development of a website.

* Jordan McKenzie received a bursary to undertake a series of investigations, experiments and research to find ways of mapping externals spaces and create reciprocity between place and self and explore ways to go about finding performative methodologies that can achieve this.

* Janette Parris received a bursary to continue to develop her Live Art practice through participation and study in related areas that influence her practice including stand up comedy, directing actors and live performers, and computer based music practices.

* Lois Weaver received a bursary to undertake a programme of activity that is a consideration of age with a relationship to past and present. In particular, to reappraise past work, reinforce current changes in her practice, and combine the past and present through an investigation of Burlesque.

Other projects in One To One - Individual Artists’ Bursaries in Live Art 2003/2004

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