The Live Art Almanac Volume 5: Call for Submissions

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Deadline for submissions 28 February 2018.

We are seeking recommendations for material to include in the Live Art Almanac Volume 5, to be published by the Live Art Development Agency in Autumn 2018.

The Live Art Almanac series draws together all kinds of ‘found’ writing about and around Live Art from a wide range of sources – from more traditional forms such as magazine articles, newspaper reviews, transcribed interviews, or public lectures; to digital forms such as blog entries, Facebook pages and Twitter conversations; to less conventional forms of ’publishing‘ such as emails, diary entries, and letters. It aims to be both a useful resource and a great read for artists, writers, students and others interested in the field of interdisciplinary, performance-based art throughout the world.

If you’ve read something that engaged, provoked, excited or amused you, or made you rethink Live Art and radical performance then we want to hear about it.

Your recommendation can be for any writing that was published, shared, sent or spread between January 2015 and December 2017.

Some key themes, events and issues that emerged in 2015-17 that we would like to reflect in Volume 5 include the cultural response to the European refugee crisis and issues of global displacement; Brexit, Europe and ‘Europeaness’; Trump and the rise of the alt-right; class and privilege; Black Lives Matter; Trans / fluid identities; safe spaces/trigger warnings/snowflakes; gentrification; issues relating to Ireland including the 2016 centenary celebrations, gay marriage and abortion rights; climate change and the Anthropocene; technology takeovers; new forms of, frameworks for, critical thinking and writing; cultural ethics (including funding issues); and sexual harassment and abuses of power.

You can submit up to three pieces of writing for consideration, and we have a limit of up to 3,000 words per entry. Please note that the Almanac is a text-only publication – you may submit pieces that have image content, but the images will not be included in the publication.  We'd prefer you not to nominate your own writing, as we really want you to tell us about interesting material you have read, but understand if you have written something you feel has a particular urgency and relevance, and hasn't yet been widely seen. We’re also not so interested in receiving nominations of more academic writing as this is already brilliantly covered by many institutions and journals.


If you have questions about the Live Art Almanac, contact Megan.

More information on the Live Art Almanacs: Volume 1Volume 2, Volume 3, and Volume 4

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