LADA’s Online Summer Fete: call for proposals – Cancelled

Update: As LADA wasn’t able to hold our first ever Summer Fete at the Garrett Centre this July because of Covid-19, we were planning do it online as part of our Summer Programme and issued a call for proposals to run stalls from home.

So many artist and groups told us they loved the idea, but that running an online stall wasn’t something they would be able to right now for all kinds of reasons.

We have therefore decided to postpone the Summer Fete and refocus our plans for this gathering of artists and activists in our annual Festive Fete.

Please do check out our Summer Programme of screenings, talks, presentations and ‘live’ online events, including contributions by LADA’s artist Patrons, a selection of LADA Screens Greatest Hits and the presentations of Once More with Feeling – a series of instruction and reenactment pieces commissioned by LADA during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Art, gifts, ideas and experiences

Sunday 19 July, from noon to 3pm


LADA was planning to host its first ever Summer Fete at The Garrett Centre this July, to complement our annual Festive Fair, but then the Covid-19 crisis hit and everything changed.

Although our office is closed and all public events at The Garrett Centre postponed for the foreseeable future, we are developing an online Summer Programme that draws on the incredible resources and resourcefulness of the artists and organisations who work with, around, and for Live Art.

As part of this Summer Programme, we will host an online Summer Fete and are inviting artists, activists and social action groups to propose stalls that they would be able to run from home.


Call for proposals to run an online Summer Fete stall with LADA – application deadline Monday 15 June


Stalls will sell (or give away/promote) items with a focus on:

We encourage stall holders to think about selling items that can be easily distributed by post or courier, and/or things that can be disseminated digitally, and/or other kinds of transactions (offering online experiences for example). It may be that some things can’t be dispatched for a few months, but as long as that’s made clear to customers, that’s OK with us.

We would also encourage stallholders to think about the look of their stall – the backdrop and décor – and approach it as a kind of installation.

The Fete will run from noon to 3pm on the 19th July, and stalls must be ‘open’ during these times.

There are no costs for running a stall and all proceeds will be kept by stallholders. However, we do encourage stall holders to make a donation from any proceeds towards a chosen cause, if appropriate, ideally those worst affected by the impacts of Covid-19.

If you or your organisation are interested running a stall at LADA’s Summer Fete please complete the simple application form  by Monday 15 June.

Homosexual Death Drive, a queer punk band stand behind a table of merch. They wear sparkly jumpsuits and red showgirl head pieces. Homosexual Death Drive at LADA Festive Fair 2019. Image by Alex Eisenberg.
Close up for baubles featuring anti-Tory and anti-austerity slogans. Fox Irving at LADA Festive Fair 2019. Image by Alex Eisenberg.

Taking part

LADA will manage all sales on behalf of stall holders through our online shop Unbound. For this we will require:


LADA will provide the online space for the Fete (and technical support for stall holders where possible). However, to be able to take part in the Fete stall holders must have:


We are planning to have artists acting as online hosts/MCs for the Summer Fete. LADA will work closely with them and all stall holders in advance on how we will run the Fete, profile the stalls, and facilitate ‘moments’ with each stall holder.

We anticipate that there will be 10 to 20  stalls in total.

If you or your organisation are interested running a stall at LADA’s Summer Fete please complete this simple application form  by Monday 15 June.


Two stall holders display their zines. LADA's Festive Fair 2019. Image by Alex Eisenberg.
The simple gifts team hold a sign reading 'Simple Gifts' behind their stall. Simple Gifts at LADA's Festive Fair 2019. Image by Alex Eisenberg.

The Application Form

In addition to asking for for your name, address and contact details, the application form asks:

  • What do you do? Max 200 words.
  • Proposed backdrop/décor. Max 50 words.


We also welcome applications in the following formats: audio proposal, video proposal, a presentation in person or via Skype. Please note that the method of the submission format should reflect the access needs of the applicant.

Other methods of submission should be the equivalent in length to word counts in submissions completed via the online application portal.

LADA's Summer Programme

Between Monday 8 June and Sunday 19 July, LADA will present an online summer programme – weekly offerings of screenings, talks, presentations and ‘Live’ online events. This programme will include contributions by LADA’s artist patrons and the presentations of Once More with Feeling – a series of instruction and reenactment pieces commissioned by LADA during the Covid-19 pandemic – we are seeking proposals for these works until Monday 8 June. The programme will culminate in LADA’s first Summer Fete on Sunday 19 July – an online affair offering art, gifts, ideas and experiences.

Responding to the pandemic, and the associated states of isolation, lockdown and distancing, LADA has compiled this ongoing list of support and resources for artists and arts workers, and we have offered two online, collaborative home-based residencies, programmed through open call.



A shirtless man dances with his back to the camera. His arms are extended, christ like. He is in the desert, beneath a big blue sky. 'Z', Keith Khan, 2020. Still from video. LADA Screens, 2020. Image courtesy of the artist.

Banner image credit:

Fox Irving’s wares at LADA’s Festive Fair 2019. Image by Alex Eisenberg.


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