Call for proposals: Two online, home-based collaborative residencies

In these challenging and unprecedented times, LADA believes it is crucial that we continue to create opportunities for artists to be artists in the hope that the process of imagining and conceiving projects will be a small glimmer of light in these dark times.

In the first of a series of commissions we will be offering over the coming weeks, we are interested in exploring collaborative online residencies.

What are the potentials and pitfalls of technology in a time of social distancing and self-isolation? What does an online residency look like? How does being home-based affect this? Moreover, what does an online, home-based residency look like in collaboration with someone else who is also online and isolating?

The Invitation

We are inviting proposals for two online, home-based, collaborative residencies. They can be research or making residencies.

The residencies can be about whatever you want them to be – you might want to focus on the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on you, your practice or Live Art in general; you might want to think about what presence and liveness mean in a period of self-isolation and social distancing; or you might want to take some time to dig deep into something else entirely. It’s up to you. All we ask is that you find a way to ‘remotely collaborate’ with someone else for your residency.

An image of laptop screen with the LADA team in a zoom meeting, accompanied by a drawing of the team. LADA Staff, 2020. Image by Katherine Borchsenius.

The Offer

We are able to offer a fee of £1000 per residency (inclusive of taxes, expenses and collaborator’s fees).

We are also able to offer a ‘presence’ for the residency on LADA’s website and through our social media channels, alongside technical, staffing and other support to facilitate this.

How We Work


We are inviting proposals from any UK based artist who works in Live Art. Your collaborator does not need to be UK based and does not need to be working in Live Art.

What is Live Art?
distorted figure stands in front of a green screen From DIY 2019: Green Screen Charivari, led by Adam Patterson (image by artist)


Please send us a statement of no more than 500 words using this application form by Monday 27 April. Please include:

Please also complete the monitoring form.

We don’t require you to give us a budget breakdown for the £1000 – the money is yours to do what you want with.

If you would rather submit your proposal via video/audio file for access reasons please contact Finn Love on [email protected].

The residencies will be selected by the LADA team and we plan to select the residencies.

We had hoped to notify all applicants by 5 May at the latest, but due to the volume of applications we regret that this process is taking longer than anticipated. All applicants should hear back from us by the end of May.

DIY 2019: Potluck, Annie Jael Kwan and Jack Tan. Image courtesy of the artists.

Banner image credit:

DIY 2019: Green Screen Charivari, led by Adam Patterson (2019), Leeds, Adam Patterson. Keyed image: Anastasia Shin, Binary Undulation, 2012.


Covid-19 Statement

LADA regrets to announce that in the interests of the safety of our artists, collaborators, audiences, community and staff, we are closing our office and Study Room, and postponing all events until the beginning of May, at the earliest.

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