Covid-19 Support & Resources

This resource is one of LADA’s ongoing projects that responds directly to the Covid-19 pandemic, and aims to gather information to support artists and arts workers affected by the viral outbreak. We want to remain a resource for our community and hope this list will be of use to those in this time of crisis.

This list is for resources and advice – from Government, health services and grassroots initiatives, and for artistic responses to the pandemic.

This list will be continually updated, however please get in touch if you know of something you think we should include.

LADA's Statement on Covid-19

Live Art Online

Some things to watch, listen and read during the days inside.

  • Live Online – a series of Vimeo channels where you can watch short videos and films selected from LADA’s Study Room or generated through our programmes and initiatives.
  • Listen Online – LADA’s recently created platform for audio content, including recordings of artist talks as well as commissioned artworks by artists such as Marcia Farquhar, Jen Harvie, Taylan Halici and many others.
  • Project Websites – a series of project-specific LADA websites hosting curated content and documentation of the projects, including Edge Of An EraPLAYING UPPerformance Magazine Online, and Are We There Yet?
  • NRLA30 – an archival website with hours of documentation of talks and performances, plus essays from the 30th Anniversary of the National Review of Live Art.
  • Fierce Festival Lockdown Viewing: brilliant suggestions for things to watch for free online from Fierce Festival Director Aaron Wright.
  • The Wooster GroupHamlet– an online screening of this performance by The Wooster Group (online until April 7).
  • Martin O’BrienThe Unwell and Zombie Time – two films by Martin O’Brien considering sickness, mortality and prophecy.
  • Guillermo Gómez-Peña: How to survive the apocalypse – An open stream of consciousness blog by Gómez-Peña full of contra/dictions & chance poetry
  • European Live Art Archive
  • Blast Theory: on Pandemics and Public Health and Contagion and Viruses
  • DIE FABRIKANTENMa – an experimental short film by Gerald Harringer of the dreams and performances of Boris Nieslony; Der Antilopenkuss – a two part artist portrait of Nieslony; Rowing for Europe – a documentary on long-durational performance featuring Gerlad Harringer and Ihsan Banabak, considering European history, identity and its borders, about travelling, desires and future.
  • Get Well Soon: an online project building an archive “that shouldn’t exist” – made up of many thousands of messages left on gofundme campaigns for medical expenses. The site features a brilliant text by Johanna Hedva
  • The Centre for the Less Good Idea is an interdisciplinary incubator space in Johannesburg. Their Season 7 premieres online and will be available on Vimeo following the launch.


Here are a few other ways people are coming together (virtually):

A young person and their parent wear gorilla masks in the Tate Modern Turbine Hall. PLAYING UP, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, 2016. Image by Seraphina Neville.
Glimpses of Before: Bernsteins 'Taking Measurements of yourselves as Artists` Fairlight Glen, Hastings 1972
Looking for Looking for Langston, Adam Patterson, Edge of an Era, 2019. Still from video, courtesy of the artist.
Rose has O'Brien facedown across her lap. She is spanking him. Martin O'Brien and Sheree Rose. Photograph: Manuel Vason.

Banner image credit:

Garrett Centre (2020), Bethnal Green, Alex Eisenberg