Once More With Feeling: call for proposals

LADA’s office is closed and all our public events at The Garrett Centre are postponed for the foreseeable future because of the impacts of Covid-19. However, we remain a resource for our community and are developing an online Summer Programme for this June and July that draws on the incredible resources and resourcefulness of artists who work with Live Art and is made up of a (remote) Summer Fete, screenings, talks and performances.

Call for proposals: Online performance re-enactments or instruction-based pieces for LADA’s 2020 online Summer Programme in June and July.

As part of this programme, we are seeking proposals for online performance re-enactments or instruction pieces that can be done within the environment/s you are in during lockdown.

These re-enactments or instruction pieces can be of your own work, of existing and iconic works, or even imaginary works. How you re-enact the works or issue instructions is up to you – it could be a performance to camera, the editing and curation of archival footage, a lecture/written text, or any other form of intervention  –  but we would encourage your presentation to be something that online audiences might be able to participate in or do themselves in some way.

The re-enactments or instruction pieces should be at least 15 minutes in duration, but other than that can last as long as you would like. They can be live or pre-recorded. This invitation is open to anyone working in Live Art, of any age and experience, and based anywhere in the world.

LADA will host the interventions on our website and will be able to provide technical support and advice in whatever ways you may need. We are planning these as presentations that will be online for a week and then archived in LADA’s Study Room.  We will schedule the interventions in dialogue with the participating artists.

We are looking to programme four re-enactments or instruction pieces for our Summer Programme this June and July, and can offer a fee of £250 (inclusive of taxes and expenses) to each selected artist.

To propose a work please complete and submit this simple application form by Monday 8 June.

a child and two adults lie on top of a car outside the Tate Modern. A family reenact's Chris Burden's 'Transfixed'.PLAYING UP, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, 2016. Image by Seraphina Neville

The Application Form

In addition to asking for for your name, address and contact details, the application form asks:



We also welcome applications in the following formats: audio proposal, video proposal, a presentation in person or via Skype. Please note that the method of the submission format should reflect the access needs of the applicant.

Other methods of submission should be the equivalent in length to word counts in submissions completed via the online application portal.

LADA's Summer Programme

Between Monday 8 June and Sunday 19 July, LADA will present an online summer programme – weekly offerings of screenings, talks, presentations and ‘Live’ online events. This programme will include contributions by LADA’s artist patrons and the presentations of Once More with Feeling – a series of instruction and reenactment pieces commissioned by LADA during the Covid-19 pandemic. The programme will culminate in LADA’s first Summer Fete on Sunday 19 July – an online affair offering art, gifts, ideas and experiences. We are seeking proposals for folx to hold stalls as part of the Fete.

Responding to the pandemic, and the associated states of isolation, lockdown and distancing, LADA has compiled this ongoing list of support and resources for artists and arts workers, and we have offered two online, collaborative home-based residencies, programmed through open call.

A shirtless man dances with his back to the camera. His arms are extended, christ like. He is in the desert, beneath a big blue sky. 'Z', Keith Khan, 2020. Still from video. LADA Screens, 2020. Image courtesy of the artist.

Banner image credit:

Goat Cut Piece, Laura Lima, 2001. Stills from video, courtesy of the artist.


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