DIY: 2009 – Helena Hunter Practice-based Research for Emerging Artists

Two long weekends ‘jam packed’ with an abundance of practical workshops, talks, and activities to energise and invigorate artistic practice, generate new work, and demystify practice-based research for emerging artists.

Led by Helena Hunter, including a talk and Q & A session with Dominic Johnson, Lecturer in Drama at Queen Mary University of London.

Sat 15, Sun 16, Mon 17 August
and Fri 21, Sat 22, Sun 23 August

The project will take place at locations in London including: Toynbee Studios, Queen Mary University of London, Live Art Development Agency Study Room, The British Library, Chisenhale Dance Space, and various cafes and bars.

Project summary:
What is practice-based research? What place does research have in performance/live art practice? What guidance and support exists for emerging artists around the subject of practice-based research? What facilities and resources are available to support artistic research? Practice-based Research for Emerging Artists tackles these questions head-on and creates an environment where artists can share, facilitate, and practically discover new and innovative ways to approach research and develop artistic practice.

The project offers guidance, support, and direction for artists who wish to develop their understanding and awareness of practice based-research. The aim is to create a shared environment where six artists can approach research together and be empowered to develop their practice through rigorous research and development strategies. During two long weekends participants will engage in a series of workshops, discussions, and activities on a variety of subjects including mapping ideas, writing a research proposal, and developing practical research activities. This activity will be complemented with a talk by Dominic Johnson about methods and strategies for approaching research. Participants will discover resources and facilities to aid research and will visit the British Library and the Live Art Development Agency Study Room to undertake research activities. In addition, each participant will be allocated individual time in a studio space to practically explore and develop their ideas.

Participants taking part in the project will develop their own understanding of practice-based research, and will gain a deeper understanding of their practice and the kind of work they want to make. Furthermore, participants will develop a written proposal for a new project, and will bring this proposal to life through practical work.

Application Procedure:
Open to six emerging artists, who have shown at least one work publicly. To apply to take part in Practice-based Research for Emerging Artists please download an application pack here and email the application form along with a CV to: [email protected] with DIY 6 in the subject line. Application deadline Friday 17 July. Applicants will be notified by Fri 24 July. Participation on Practice-based Research for Emerging Artists is free.

About the Artist:
Helena Hunter is a UK artist living and working in London. Hunter’s practice spans performance, visual art, literature, photography and film. Her work addresses complex cultural issues relating to the politics of the body, the construction of gender, and the formation of desire. Hunter utilises the human form, movement, and writing to consider the body as text, site and sculptural tool. Her practice builds on the history of performance and fine art, and is informed by research into visual culture, gender studies, psychology, science, philosophy, literature, and anthropology. For more information about Helena Hunter’s work visit:

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