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DIY: 2009 – Lorena Rivero de Beer Exercises to Activate the Political Imagination of the City Wanderer

A five day collaborative workshop for artists who are interested in cultural politics and critical thinking to explore and respond creatively to Liverpool’s sculptures.

Led by Lorena Rivero de Beer: Cultural theorist, activist and performance artist

Wed-Sun 23-27 September 2009
Liverpool City Centre, North West.

Project summary:
Participants will explore ways to develop outdoor work of a political nature, discover the underlying meanings and repressed histories that lie beneath the city’s sculptures, and find creative ways to respond to them. The intention is to make visible alternative histories of the city and its citizens. The workshop will finish with a day of creative interventions beside the chosen sculptures.

Application procedure:
There are up to 6 places available for artists, and priority will be given to those from the North West. Applications are invited from practising artists, recent graduates and students (graduate and undergraduate) in the fields of live art, performance art and experimental theatre/dance.

To apply please email your CV to Lorena Rivero de Beer ([email protected]) with your answers to the following questions (no more than 300 words):

* Why would you like to participate?
* Do you have previous experience engaging with culturally critical artistic projects?
* What do you consider a risky cultural/artistic intervention and would you be prepared to take it?

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 17 July 2009, all applicants will be notified of the outcome by Friday 24 July 2009. Following this, we’ll provide participants with further details about times, meeting point, rehearsal place, etc.

About the artist:
Lorena Rivero de Beer recently finished a PhD in cultural studies exploring political performance. She has experience working as a performance artist and has produced performance events of a collaborative nature. She is mostly interested in exploring the conditions that enable political performance to take place and reach the audiences in meaningful ways.

If you have any questions regarding Exercises to Activate the Political Imagination of the City Wanderer please contact:
Lorena Rivero de Beer – [email protected]


Part of DIY: 2009

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