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DIY: 2009 – Kayle Brandon, Heath Bunting , James Kennard and Vahida Ramujkic Business and Usual

A series of workshops taking place the weekend of Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 September in and around the Avon Gorge, Bristol.

These workshops provide artists with the opportunity to get scratched, burnt, dirty, afraid and enlightened. We intend to encourage participants to spend time in the wilds of the Bristol as indigenous human beings and learn how to make money from it. Participants will be provided with intensive training in observation, silence, courage, invisibility, extreme violence and burning creation. Participants will need to bring outdoor clothes or a sewing kit, drawing materials, a lethal weapon, an old plastic bag and be well practised at either humming or screaming.


Workshops will include:

– Crossing Terrain (how to leave, travel and arrive invisibly, silently and efficiently)
– In The Trees (how to re-inhabit the canopy)
– Climate Change Observational drawing (Can we observe climate change within a concrete situation?)
– Becoming humanBecoming animalBecoming hunter (understand science and spirituality and one’s relationship to them and the universe)
– Stone Age Pottery (looking for and collecting mud with good properties for modelling and firing)
– Hidden Shelter (constructing a hidden shelter from found materials)

A chance to observe yourself, other organisms and materials undergoing transformation.

Led by Kayle Brandon, Heath Bunting, James Kennard and Vahida Ramujkic.

Here is how we look:

Application procedure:
These workshops are open to live art practitioners with a keen interest in making their own world and expecting others to be interested and are ruthlessly ambitious.

There are 10 places.

To apply, please send a short statement outlining why you would like to participate in these workshops, with a brief CV and artist’s statement to [email protected] by Fri 14 August

About the artists:
Google us. We are all friendly, but a bit scary.

Contact details:
If you have any further questions about what the hell we are proposing then email us on:

James Kennard <[email protected]>,Vahida Ramujkic <[email protected]>, Kayle Brandon<[email protected]>, Heath Bunting <[email protected]>
This project is in association with PLATFORM’s season “The Next 25” on climate justice at Arnolfini, Bristol (Oct – Nov 09).

Part of DIY: 2009

Unusual professional development projects conceived and run BY artists FOR artists


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