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Fabulous: The Rise of the Beautiful Eccentric

Artist/Author: Madison Moore | Reference: P3756 | ISBN: 978-0-300-20470-4 | Type: Publication

An exploration of what it means to be fabulous—and why eccentric style, fashion, and creativity are more political than ever.

Paris Is Burning

Artist/Author: Jennie Livingston | Reference: D2186 | Type: DVD

Jennie Livingston’s iconic documentary reveals the community of New York’s minority drag queens, gay black and Latino men who cross dress as women and invent the dance style of “voguing,” imitating the fashion poses on the covers of the magazine Vogue.

Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church

Artist/Author: Trajal Harrell | Reference: P2678 | Type: Publication

A collection of texts supporting the centra question of this performance project: “What would have happened in 1963 if someone from the voguing ballroom scene in Harlem had come downtown to perform alongside the early postmoderns at Judson Church?”.

The Heather Lang Show

Artist/Author: Eleanor Bauer and Vise Versus | Reference: D1754 | Type: DVD

A double one-woman show: double the woman, double the show. An amalgam of theatre genres and familiar characters; nothing is too outrageous.