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Performance Session: Articulating the Pedestrian Body

Artist/Author: Steve Paxton, Sandra Parker, Anne Thompson | Reference: A0874 | Type: Article

Documentation from Satisfyin Lover and Showing Solo, two performances which opened the Thinking Bodies Conference.

Activating Cities

Artist/Author: Noam Assayag | Reference: P3671 | ISBN: 978-3-947516-00-1 | Type: Publication

A practical handbook on the lost art of getting lost, reading the signs around you, following their lead, and creating your own.

The Emancipated Spectator

Artist/Author: Jacques Ranciere | Reference: P1590 | ISBN: 978-1-84467-343-8 | Type: Publication

Asking exactly what we mean by political art or the politics of art, Rancière goes on to look at what the tradition of critical art, and the desire to insert art into life, has achieved. Has the militant critique of the consumption of images and commodities become, ironically, a sad affirmation of its omnipotence?

Small Acts of Repair: Performance, Ecology and Goat Island

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Stephen Bottoms, Matthew Goulish | Reference: P1326 | ISBN: 978-0-415-36515-4 | Type: Publication

In documenting and critiquing the evolution of the Goat Island company’s prcocesses, politics and aesthetics, this book makes an important contribution to the critical debates surrounding contemporary performance practices. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On (W)Reading Performance Writing by Rachel Lois Clapham (P1433)