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Jordan McKenzie

Artist/Author: Jordan McKenzie | Reference: P2392 | ISBN: 978-1-908432-08-7 | Type: Publication

A publication made to accompany the 2014 YSP exhibition JORDAN MCKENZIE: CARL AN(T)DRE + LEWITT LEAN, 01.03.14 – 20.04.14. Introduction by Doctor Helen Pheby, critical essay by Doctor Klara Kemp-Welch.

Book of the Disappeared

Artist/Author: Carnesky Productions | Reference: P1315 | Type: Publication

A booklet of stories about Ghost Train characters to accompany Carnesky’s Ghost Train’s re-opening in Blackpool in November 2008. Written by Marisa Carnesky, Natasha Davis and Rasp Thorne.

Selected Works

Artist/Author: Kazukho Hohki | Reference: D0751 | Type: DVD

Contains extracts from My Husband is a Spaceman, Evidence for the Existence of Borrowers and work by the  cult-alternative pop performance group Frank Chickens.