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Theatre and History

Artist/Author: Rebecca Schneider | Reference: P3017 | ISBN: 978-0230246614 | Type: Publication

This provocative book meets the supposedly ‘live’ practices of performance and the ‘no-longer-live’ historical past at their own dangerous crossroads. Focussing on the ‘and’ of the title, it addresses the tangled relations between the terms, practices, ideas, and aims embedded in these compatriot – but often oppositional – arts and acts of time.

Memories Are Made Of This… performance notes

Artist/Author: BADco. | Reference: P1216 | Type: Publication

Collection of documents relating to the homonymous project metaphorically traveling the complex topology of memory. BADco. is approaching the topic of memory via a process intrinsic to it – forgetting.The project operates as a notebook, a collection of performance notes and/or notes for a performance. Guest artists Kre imir Miki and Damir Bartol Indo. English and Croatian.For video documentation of the company’s work see REF. D1133.