DIY 14: 2017 - Call for Participants

DIY 14 is an opportunity for artists working in Live Art to take part in unusual training and professional development projects conceived and run by artists for artists.

"The diverse workshop exercises placed me out of my comfort zone and was just what I was looking for to challenge myself in to new ways of thinking and making." - Participant in Eloise Fornieles' You're An Animal!, DIY 13.

"It was like an ideal version of what I imagined it was going to be. As though if someone told you a storybook version of it, then that would be it." - Participant in James Stenhouse's Survival Skills for Artists, DIY 13.

25 DIY projects and 3 DIY+ projects for both emergent and experienced practitioners will take place across the UK between July and November. Together, these opportunities represent a huge variety of subjects and approaches from across Live Art including (but not limited to) audaciousness, sensory perception, the penetrated male, embodied Islam, neurodiversity, ecocentric performance-making, displacement, sadomasochism, sound and blackness, the queering of sport, definitions of diversity, underwater living, sex, grief, ageing, and a pilgrimage in the footsteps of Dracula.

DIY+ is a new initiative that has been created to facilitate more ambitious DIY projects than we have previously been able to support. These 3 projects represent a step up from our regular DIY programme, either in terms of scale and scope, materials and resources, and/or which offer participant artists an increased or deeper level of engagement. DIY+ is supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation. 

The DIY lead artists self determine and run their own projects, which includes defining the participants’ application and selection process. If you have any questions about a DIY project, please follow the ‘contact’ link on each DIY project page.

The closing date for most applications is 19 June 2017 (for Martin O'Brien's DIY+ it is 2 June) and you may apply to as many as you wish. All DIY and DIY+ projects are free to participate in.

(All projects are NOW CLOSED.)

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DIY+ projects (now closed)

Toni Lewis & Demi Nandhra: A Seat At The Table - “I think that ‘A Seat at the Table,’ for me, is an invitation to allow folks to pull up a chair, get very close and have these hard uncomfortable truths be shared” - Solange

Sheree Rose with Rhiannon Aarons and Amy Kingsmill: Methodologies in Body Art - Tailored training in sadomasochistic methodologies, pain practices, and durational working

DIY projects (now closed):

Giovanna Maria Casetta: Help The Aged - A traditional seaside weekender: fish and chips, bingo, promenading on the pier, discussing and rewriting the rules for (us) ageing artists with a punk/anarchic ethos

Catherine Hoffmann: Maybe Jumping Is Enough - A human flea circus 3 day residency with the StenchWench

Jessie McLaughlin & Jo Chattoo: We Are Family FC - Queer people exploring our queer bodies by chatting, kicking footballs, gentle boxing stuff, rapping, running, dancing, reading, jogging, watching videos and whatever else comes to mind

Network 11: Sounding In, Sounding Out 2.0 - A workshop for artists working with sound and performance using the black diaspora as their centre of navigation

Fabiola Santana: Houses of Decay - An Intervention - Let's explore together the potential for connection and humanity by creating new rituals to deal with death

Zoe Toolan: Whisky - the ‘spiritual’ art of getting an artist out of their head - Mind too work-focused to realise your body is freezing/starving/knackered? Then you definitely need a dram...

Peter McMaster: Performing Landscapes - A 4-day retreat in the highlands of Scotland, exploring eco-centric approaches to performance making

Rachel Mars & Greg Wohead: Locating Your Own Audaciousness - A reckless retreat exploring the possibilities of audaciousness culminating in a strictly one-off performance

Lizzie Philps: GPS Embroidery - Scrawling ideas of home across the landscape

Katherina Radeva: On Otherness - Identity is a complex thing. We are a multiplicity of things: of gender, of culture, of language, of politics. Difference is beautiful. So ticking just one box is no longer relevant. It isn't that simple.

Daniella Valz Gen & Jade Montserrat: From a Creative Case to an Ecology of Care - A two day research and sharing retreat investigating definitions of 'diversity'

Sheaf+Barley: How to Build Boats and Influence People (to build boats) - Five days making your own skin-on-frame coracle somewhere outside in Northumbria and thinking about things quite a bit

Bridget Floyer & Susan Merrick: Your Neck Of The Woods - “Why should anybody listen to you if you are not a good neighbour?” - an investigation of the idea of being an ‘Artist in Residence’

Ellie Griffiths & Greg Sinclair: Neuroaesthetics - Reimagining the neurodiverse performance space

Johanna Linsley & Rebecca Collins: The Felixstowe Affair - a sonic detective story - An acoustic investigation of the Suffolk coast for composers and sonic artists

Bedfellows: SEX TALK MTG (Sunrise to Sunset) - It’s about sex. Sex as education. Sex re-education.

Daniel Oliver: Max DYSPRAXE’S performance world neurodivergent revolution fun-time - We have four days to destroy and rebuild the world of performance and make it weirder and awkwarder and wonderfuler, just like you

Jack Tan: Law In The Limelight - Developing insights on law through performance and theatre practice

Marikiscrycrycry: THE T R A P LAB - A dance workshop series, curated club night, open laboratory, and curated self-care night to dance our dreams into reality

Nwando Ebizie & Jonathan Grieve: Creative Neurophenomenology of Perceptual Phenomena - Break Your Reality.

Sara Zaltash: Approaches to Embodied Islam - A curious, performative invitation towards embodied practices of the Islamic faith, incorporating the tacit performative canon of Islam and interrogating the absence of Islam in Live Art

Tara Fatehi Irani: Her Eyes Under the Bridge - Entangling personal stories of leaving behind and moving ahead

Gareth Cutter & Paul Hughes: Men From Behind - Come and open up the male body through a creative enema of filthy writing, subversive image making and public interventions ‘via the back door’

Madeleine Hodge & Bek Conroy: Marrickville Economics Summer School - Fuck your extraction economy

Zoe Czavda Redo, Tuuli Malla, Xavier Velastin: Water Bodies - An open-ended practical symposium, on land and in water, for adapting to life on an inundated planet

Part of DIY 14: 2017 - Call for Participants