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DIY: 2008 – All Change!

Artists, reawaken your wanderlust! Here begins a holy-cow-of-an-adventure! Through a series of physical, artistic and emotional journeys, artists will encounter the ride of a lifetime.

Led by Stacy Makishi.

Friday 8, Saturday 9, Sunday 10 August and concluding train journey Saturday 23 August 2008.
Court Room, Toynbee Studios, London.

The Project
All aboard! Are you On Board or On Bored? Has your New Year’s Resolution turned into another disillusion? Time to derail and All Change!

This is the Year of the Rat, the year of Change. The Chinese symbol for Crisis is made up of two characters; one character means danger, the other possibility.

One of the differences between humans and rats is that if a rat discovers what he’s doing isn’t working, he does something else. If humans discover that what they’re doing isn’t working, they look for someone to blame.

All Change! helps artists to make the necessary changes in their practice to help them take the necessary journeys for their lives. Nothing changes if nothing changes. All Change! offers a series of core strategies and techniques as a catalyst to make change. It also provides ideas and perspectives to help artists transform any crisis into juicy possibilities.

This rambunctious workshop-experience will offer artists:

  • A kick up the creative caboose
  • A divergent-derail of old habits
  • Buoyant new perspectives to conduct genius
  • Vigorous action plans to stay on track

Change occurs whether we are ready or not. All Change! affirms that change can be positive. The workshop encourages artists to anticipate change, let go of the old, and to do what you would do if you weren’t too afraid.

Over the past fifteen years Stacy Makishi has been carefully cultivating crafty ways to catch artists off guard, to allow them to fall and learn how to enjoy the whole trip.

Application Procedure
Open to artists at any level of experience who have a strong desire to make a change. The workshop will be of most benefit to those who are interested in making performance work. There are between six and eight places available. Please send an email that expresses your current artistic practice, explains how you need to make a change and lists what you hope to get from the workshop. Send your submission to Stacy at [email protected] with ‘DIY 5: All Change!’ in the subject line.

You will need to pay for your own train fare for a day-trip that will take place two weeks after the initial workshop.

Participants who have never taken Stacy’s workshops will be prioritised.

About the Artist
Hawaii born Stacy Makishi frolics with many artforms including live art, installation, film, new writing and physical theatre. She delights when she can reconfigure the familiar into the foreign. Her work sits comfortably in the crack in between: between risk and resist, sublime and submit, and desire and deviance. Whether she takes on a horror film, fashion show or psychic intervention, her work is often infused with a surreal humour.

She has recently performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Tate Modern and at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Her most recent commissions were Room 474 at the Great Eastern Hotel, commissioned by Live Art UK. Her last visual art show called The Not Quite Yet, exhibited sculptural work and performance. Her newest show, Bull: The True Story is currently touring internationally. Upcoming works include Stay! and Around the World in a Lunar Day.

Any Questions
If you have any questions regarding All Change! please contact Stacy on [email protected] with ‘DIY 5: All Change!’ in the subject line.

Part of DIY: 2008

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