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On Live Art and the Displaced

A pair of resources on Live Art and the displaced by artist and researcher Elena Marchevska.

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On Live Art and Ageing

Two resources by artist and activist Lois Weaver on working with older individuals and communities.

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On Live Art, Class and Cultural Privilege

Two new resources by artist Kelly Green on Live Art, Class and Cultural Privilege.

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The Artist’s Borderpanic Compendium

Curated by Curious, ABC can be used by artists and non-artists in need of creative succour and survival

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Lexicon of Tanjas Ostojić

A book based on Tanja Ostojić’s project ‘the Lexicon of Tanjas Ostojić’.

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Imagination and Potential: Cherophobia by Noëmi Lakmaier

A publication written in response to Cherophobia, a 48­-hour durational living installation by Noëmi Lakmaier

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About LADA Publishing

Want to know more about how LADA publishing works?

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Out of Memory – Hayley Newman Edition

One of the LADA’s tenth anniversary commissioned artworks exclusive to Unbound

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Joined Forces: Audience Participation in Theatre

Various examples linking audience participation in theatre to problems of social engagement

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It’s All Allowed: The Performances of Adrian Howells

The first book devoted to Adrian Howells’s remarkable achievements and legacy

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