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On Live Art and Ageing

Professor Lois Weaver undertook a residency exploring Live Art practices and methodologies in relation to working with older individuals and communities. This residency built on LADA’s collaborations with Lois on Live Art and Feminism, particularly in relation to older artists, and to her own work on What Tammy Needs To Know and the Wellcome Trust People Awards. As part of her residency, Lois produced Know How, a Study Room Guide looking at key issues and works in relation to working with older constituencies and Action Recipes, a toolkit of methodologies for working with older constituencies.

Know How and Action Recipes can be downloaded through the links below, or requested as hard copies through Unbound.


About Restock, Rethink, Reflect Four

Restock, Rethink, Reflect (RRR) is an ongoing series mapping and marking underrepresented artists, practices and histories, whilst also supporting future generations.  Following RRR projects on Race (2006-08), Disability (2009-12), and Feminism (2013 -15) RRR4 (2016-18) is on Live Art and Cultural Privilege.

​The first 18 months of RRR4 involved four artist-led research residencies in LADA’s Study Room looking at the ways in which Live Art has developed new forms of access, knowledge, agency, and inclusion in relation to the disempowered constituencies of the young, the old, the displaced, and the working class and others excluded through social and economic barriers.

Each residency generated a new Study Room Guide and a Toolkit of methodologies, launched in October 2017.

The RRR4 residencies, Study Room Guides and Toolkits are supported by, and form part of LADA’s contribution to, the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme(CAPP), a transnational programme funded by the European Union focusing on collaborative practices with the aim of engaging new participants and enhancing mobility and exchange for artists.

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Know How

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