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Dee Jumbie Dance: A Resurrection

A lost dance. A lost show. A story. Dee Jumbie Dance: A Resurrection is based on Jamal Gerald’s work and research for JUMBIE, a performance aiming to resurrect the Jumbie dance of the Caribbean island of Montserrat.

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Unframing Photography: Performing the Image to See Otherwise

Unframing Photography: Performing the image to see otherwise comprises a culmination of the titular multifaceted project that was initiated by the urgency to reconsider the medium of photography as a technology of visuality.

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Devising Theatre and Performance: Curious Methods

A treasure-trove of performance exercises that will be invaluable to performance-makers, educators and students as they develop their creative practice.

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Bodies of Knowledge

Three discrete commissions using performance and experimental documentary to explore the body as a site for the production and retention of knowledge.  

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Common Salt

Common Salt was a performance around a table – a ‘show and tell’ by artists Sheila Ghelani and Sue Palmer. It explored the colonial, geographical and natural history of England and India taking an expansive and emotional time-travel.  

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Final Transmission: Performance Art and AIDS in Los Angeles

Final Transmission: Performance Art and AIDS in Los Angeles is a book of intergenerational dialogue between artists, scholars and activists about what it means to transfer the skills, ideas and mysteries of performance through pandemic and crises.

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A Good Love Story

A good love story shouldn’t have too many words. This one gets to the point as directly as possible. It turns “me too” into sex-positive empowerment and dark comedy, whilst talking about contemporary Live Art, genderfluidity, online dating, polyamory and its pitfalls.  It is a feminist celebration of love and the attempt to escape from sexism, ageism and racism by pitching them all against each other and leaving the party with the sweetest guy of all.  

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In Other Words

Through prose, poetry, drawing and photography In Other Words is a collection of urgent reflections, created by artists exploring their hopes and fears at a time of global crisis.  It is a clarion call for change from a group rich in wisdom, shared experience, and what it means to be marginalised in the UK in 2020.  

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Shortlist LIVE! #2

Four essays on the four artists shortlisted for the ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art 2020.

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Mishandled Archive

Drawning on a year-long project by the artist Tara Fatehi Irani, Mishandled Archive is a way of imagining, creating and disseminating a nomadic archive.

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