Research residencies for Swiss and Swiss-based artists


The Live Art Development Agency (LADA) is working with Pro Helvetia on a three-year initiative (2018-2020) to raise the profile of Swiss Live Art in the UK and contribute to the development of exchanges and collaborations between artists and promoters in the UK and Switzerland.

We are now seeking proposals from two artists who are from, or based in, Switzerland for the next two research residency opportunities in this exciting international programme.

Key Info

To apply, please visit our application portal and complete the questions there.

The deadline for proposals from artists for the residency is 2 December 2019, at 5pm GMT.

After seeing how important this institution is for Live Art in this country, I couldn't just let this occasion pass me by. It is so rare for artists like me to find a supportive place and people who fully back you up. I made valuable contacts that will be very fruitful, not just for my upcoming project but also for my whole career.


So far, this project has involved:

The artist holds both hands above their head, with their eyes closed. Andrea Saemann (together with Chris Regn) «Swiss Performance Art Medley», 2019, Konteksty – The 9th international Festival of Ephemeral Arts Contexts. Photographer: Jerzy Grzegorski
To find myself within the LADA Study Room made me quite excited and nervous. I had never seen such a specificity of knowledge, experience, publications and material around Live Art issues. The same happened in meeting up with such a variety of people, deeply engaged with the topics in and around performance art. … these encounters proved incredibly fruitful for my research and thinking.  

Artist research residencies

LADA is hosting four two-week long research residencies between 2019 and 2020 using LADA’s Study Room as a base and a springboard for Swiss artists to go out and meet with promoters, artists and others in the UK that relate to the artist’s work and the further development of their work in the UK. Two residencies have been awarded and undertaken already by Ivy Monteiro and Andrea Saemann. We are now issuing this call for proposals to find the next two residency artists.

The aim of the residencies is to introduce Swiss and Swiss-based artists to the Live Art scene in the UK, offer them focused research and thinking time into the issues and ideas of their practice, introduce them to artists and organisations working in similar ways, and explore possible collaborations or invitations for the future.

The residency can be built around one or both of the following:

  • The artist’s general interest in Live Art in the UK and an interest in working with the resources held in LADA’s Study Room
  • A specific theme, issue or question that relates to the artist’s ongoing practice or a project they are developing or their current ‘concerns,’ which they feel would be enhanced by a period of research and exchange within the UK Live Art scene.

The residencies at LADA are primarily desk-based but we encourage the artist to use the opportunity at LADA to have meetings (with artists, academics, curators or whoever), and, if possible and appropriate, to host group discussions. LADA is happy to recommend people to meet with and facilitate introductions if appropriate.

Please note that although this is a research residency and not a making residency, we welcome the development of new work from this opportunity.

Each artist will give a public presentation about their work at LADA at the end of the residency (such as this one from Ivy Monteiro).

The two-week residencies will each take place in Spring 2020 (anytime between February and May).



The 2020 residencies are for an artist who is from, or based in, Switzerland.

The artist must identify as working within the field of Performance Art/Live Art and have at least five years’ experience of making and presenting work.

We particularly welcome proposals from artists of colour, women artists, disabled artists and queer artists, those working with challenging issues and ideas, and those who have not had many opportunities to work internationally.

The artist should be comfortable with spoken and written English.


The offer

The artist will receive a fee of £2,000 inclusive of per diems and taxes.

They will receive a budget of £500 to cover travel to and from the UK and costs of travelling within the UK for meetings or research trips.

They will receive a budget of £1,400 to cover accommodation costs in London and the UK for the duration of the residency.

The artist will be responsible for organising and paying for their own travel and accommodation, but LADA is available to advise and assist where appropriate.

It is anticipated that the artist will research and plan much of their residency in advance of being in situ at LADA, and will liaise with LADA and with the other UK organisations and artists they hope to meet in advance on their plans.

The residency at LADA will take place between 10am and 6pm Monday to Friday, although weekend and evening access can be arranged in advance.

The artist will not have exclusive access to the Study Room during their residency, although this can be arranged in advance for group gatherings.

The artist will be expected to write a short report at the end of their residency with an overview of the activities they undertook, their findings, and their thoughts on how the residency might shape their practice and plans.


How to apply

Artists are invited to submit an application for the research residency including information on why they would like to undertake a research residency in their UK, their provisional plans for the two weeks, giving a sense of what they hope to gain and how it will contribute to their practice.

To apply, please visit our application portal and complete the questions there.

The deadline for proposals from artists for the residency is 2 December 2019, at 5pm GMT.

Artists will be selected by LADA.

Artists will be notified if they have been offered the residency by the end of December 2019. The selected artists will be publicly announced in January 2020.

Banner image credit:

Performance Lecture on Afrofuturism, Ivy Monteiro, Live Art Development Agency 2019. Image by Ben Harris.



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