DIY: 2002- Call for Proposals

Our Call for Proposals to lead a project has now closed.

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Deadline for applications: 6pm on Monday 16 September 2002

DIY offers artists working in Live Art the chance to conceive and run professional development projects for other artists.

Most professional development schemes tend to be developed by ‘arts professionals’ for artists. There is sometimes a perception that what results is professional development that is formulaic and, more importantly, not geared to the eclectic and often unusual needs of artists whose practices are grounded in challenging and unconventional approaches, forms and concepts.

We want to hear from you if you have an idea for an exciting, innovative and idiosyncratic Live Art professional development project that offers something different to the normal workshops, masterclasses, residencies, exchanges, etc. If you think you can initiate and run a professional development project for other artists then read the guidelines below.

DIY is an initiative of the Live Art Advisory Network, a collaboration between Artsadmin, the Live Art Development Agency and New Work Network.

These guidelines are available in large print on request.

What sort of project can I propose for DIY?

We are seeking proposals from artists for adventurous and possibly outlandish projects that are grounded in an awareness of the issues impacting on artists’ practices and are aimed at enhancing the range of approaches available to practitioners. The development of a Live Art practice is not so much about skills and techniques (although these are of course inherent in the work) but about ideas and possibilities. We are therefore not seeking proposals for training programmes in any conventional sense but more illustrations and illuminations of how to approach and address ideas.

The projects may take any form. Possibilities include:

  • an artists’ dinner in which practitioners can network and discuss ideas in a conducive environment.
  • a guided tour around the city in which participants are encouraged to explore the construction of new narratives from the world around them and new sites for art.
  • a menu of events to attend in which a diverse range of practices and ideas that interconnect can be both appreciated and interrogated by ‘the group’.
  • small workshop sessions, an online chat-room, or even salons around a particular thematic.
  • an encounter, or seminar with an eminent practitioner from another field within or beyond the artworld.

As part of your proposal we expect you to identify the kinds of artists who will participate and how you will select them. We will want to know how your project will contribute to the professional development of the participants.

Your project must take place between October and December 2002.

You do not have to live in London to apply but your project must take place in London and/or predominantly benefit London-based artists.

DIY has a budget of £4,000 and we expect to award between four and six grants of between £500 and £1,000, although we will consider proposals for effective smaller projects.

We will accept applications from individual artists or groups of artists. If applying as a group you must identify one artist as the lead/contact artist (any grant awarded will be paid by cheque to the lead/contact artist).

The deadline for applications is Monday 16 September 2002.

How do I apply?

We are happy to briefly discuss your proposal with you over the phone as you develop your ideas. For advice call:
Manick Govinda or Mark Godber at Artsadmin on 020 7247 5102
Lois Keidan or Daniel Brine at the Live Art Development Agency on 020 7247 3339
Sophie Cameron at New Work Network on 020 7729 5779 (Sophie will be away until 3 September but available to discuss proposals on her return).
(Please phone one and not all of us!)

To apply you should prepare a proposal that is no longer than three sides of A4. Your proposal should include:

  • the name and full contact details of the lead artist/applicant
  • a description of your proposed project/programme
  • the programme’s artistic rationale and proposed methodology
  • an indication of who the proposed participants might be including areas of practices, levels of experience, etc
  • an indication of the imagined outcomes and benefits for participants
  • an indication of the number of participants
  • details of how you will select participants
  • a simple schedule of activity which outlines what you will do and when you will do it
  • a simple budget which shows how you will spend the grant
  • a short biography of the organiser(s) including your experience or interest in leading similar initiatives.

You should indicate how much – if anything – participants will be asked to contribute for taking part in the project. This earned income should be shown in your project budget.

We expect the artist(s) organising the project to be paid for the time they contribute to the project. Other budget items may include transport, tickets for events, speakers’ fees, etc.

It is not essential to supply supporting material. However, if you feel that supporting material will help us understand more about you and your proposal then we welcome it. We will only return supporting material if you also send a stamped self addressed envelope. Supporting material might include full cvs, and copies of reports, press clipping, and documentation of previous performances/events.

You must also complete the monitoring questions. Your application will not be eligible without the completed monitoring questions.

The deadline for applications is 6pm on Monday 16 September 2002. You should send your proposal to:

Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
London E1 6LS

We will not accept applications by fax or email.

Who will make the decision about which projects are funded and how will they decide?

A selection panel consisting of representatives of Artsadmin, the Live Art Development Agency and New Work Network will consider all applications. The panel will assess all applications and prioritise those that best meet the assessment criteria. The selection of projects for DIY will be based on:

  • the relevance of the proposal to the aims of the DIY initiative
  • the relevance of the proposal to Live Art practice and artists
  • the extent to which the proposal shows clear artistic direction and vision
  • the degree to which the proposal will contribute to the professional development of artists
  • the viability of the proposal
  • the ability of the applicant to achieve the stated aims of the proposal.

It is the intention of the Live Art Advisory Network to support a range of forms of projects through DIY which together form a coherent programme. The final decision on which projects to fund will therefore by informed by this and a project may be prioritised over another because of the alternative vision for professional development that it offers.

The selection panel may award more or less than the amount requested.

All decisions will be notified in writing.

Complaints and appeals in relation to DIY applications are undertaken under the Complaints and Appeals Procedure of Artsadmin. Information about the procedure is available on request from Artsadmin.

What happens if my proposal is selected?

After the selection process, successful applicants will be invited to meet members of the Live Art Advisory Network to discuss and develop the shape and location of the projects, who they will be aimed at, how best to market them and recruit identified participants, and strategies for monitoring and evaluation. Together we will agree a payment schedule and conditions of grant.

The Live Art Advisory Network will publicise the DIY projects as a group through the partners’ extensive mailing lists, e-lists and websites and will disseminate information including details of individual projects, dates, costs and application or registration procedures.

Who is running DIY?

DIY is an initiative of the Live Art Advisory Network. Artsadmin, the Live Art Development Agency and New Work Network have joined together to create the Live Art Advisory Network. Together we are partners in Creative Capital, which is one of the ten consortia that make up the national Creative People pilot. Creative People is working to help artists to identify, prioritise and implement professional development activities. Visit for more information.

For more information about our separate organisations visit our websites:,, and

DIY is funded by London Arts through the Access Unit’s Training Programme and Professional Development Programme.


The partners of the Live Art Advisory Network and London Arts place a strong emphasis on equality of opportunity and access. In order to help us monitor this commitment, please complete these monitoring questions. You must return these questions on a separate page with your application, which will not be eligible without it.

The questionnaire asks for statistical information only. We will not use the information you provide here in assessment and will detach it from your application.

We have designed the questions on this form to help us analyse applications to the DIY iniative and to be compatible with the information collected by London Arts. We will share the data collected through this form with London Arts for monitoring purposes. You should choose the answers which best describe you.

Cultural diversity
Please state what you consider to be or how you chose to define your ethnic origin (for example, Asian, British Asian, White European, Black Caribbean, British Chinese, etc)

The Disability Discrimination Act defines disability as a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on a person’s ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.
Do you consider yourself to be a disabled person?

To which age group do you belong?
Below 20
20 – 29
30 – 39
40 – 49
50 – 59
Above 60

How do you describe your gender?

Network membership
Are you a member of New Work Network?

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