DIY: 2004 Projects

The five DIY 2 programmes will, between them, cover practical and conceptual issues and take in new approaches to networking, collaboration and documentation; artists’ evaluation strategies; considerations of costume in performance; building bridges between art and activism; and the processes and impact of time in art.


18, 20 and 25 February 2004

Lucy Kimbell offers six artists a free evaluation of their practice.   Participants will be selected by application.

6 March 2004

A one day group workshop around clothing as apparel and disguise involving presentations,   discussions   and practical experimentations.

For 14 participants who will be selected by application.

John Jordan. RESPONSE-ABILITY: Building bridges between art and activism
5, 6 and 7 March 2004

Artists and activists will undertake a three day retreat to share skills and ideas and build new methodologies of creative resistance.

For 20 participants who will be selected by application.

Richard Layzell. THE NETWORK [- network – awareness – process – document – feedback – network -]:
25, 26 and 27 March 2004

A three day group workshop exploring the relationships between networking, collaboration, process and documentation.

For 15 participants who will be selected by application – DETAILS WILL BE POSTED ON THIS SITE WHEN AVAILABLE.

Anne Bean. NOW
January – March 2004

Anne Bean and five younger artists are spending 90 days investigating time and the notion of capturing time through process based experimentation . Time is an inescapable collaborator in all art (and life) and the participating artists are looking at ways of acknowledging this ‘collaboration’. So far the project has taken the group on many paths, contrasting responses, shared notions, struggles, uncertainties, inspirations, unclarity and great warmth.   Participants have been selected by invitation.


DIY 2 is an initiative of the Live Art Advisory Network, a partnership between Artsadmin, the Live Art Development Agency and New Work Network. Together we are partners in Creative Capital which is working to help artists to identify, prioritise and implement professional development activities. DIY 2 is funded by Arts Council England, London through the Access Unit’s Training Programme and Professional Development Programme.

Part of DIY: 2004

Unusual professional development projects conceived and run BY artists FOR artists

DIY: 2004


Unusual professional development projects conceived and run BY artists FOR artists

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DIY: 2018 – Helena Hunter: Encounters


A residential for artists working with environments, organisms and geologies

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DIY 2020 – Charlie Ashwell: Restless Study


Restless Study will be a space for people to study which privileges restlessness and distraction over focus and concentration. We will generate, manipulate and circulate objects of study, including text, conversation, image, action, movement, and beyond. We will throw off the shackles of goal-oriented education to reclaim study as a vital, liberatory mode of being in dialogue with others!

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