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LADA Screens – Nando Messias

07 Feb 2017

Launch event for Shoot the Sissy, a film based on Nando Messias’ live performance of the same title

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LADA Screens – Adrian Heathfield and Hugo Glendinning

26 Jan 2017

For this LADA Screens we are presenting two films by Adrian Heathfield and Hugo Glendinning

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LADA Screens – Franko B

29 Nov 2016

LADA Screens presents Because of Love, a rough cut of the first documentary about the life and work of Franko B

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LADA Screens – Forced Entertainment

10 Oct 2016

Uncertain Fragments, a video essay reflecting on the work and process of the world-renowned UK performance ensemble Forced Entertainment

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LADA Screens: Curious and Andrew Kötting

22 Aug 2016

Launch event screening two short films by Curious in collaboration with Andrew Kötting

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LADA Screens – Adrian Howells

18 Jul 2016

London: LADA Screens presents selected works of Adrian Howells and Book Launch

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Ouch: Pain and Performance

01 Jul 2016

A dark and daring journey into the pursuit of pain for science, for pleasure, for progress, for art and for agency

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LADA Screens: Audition Project – Launch Event

09 Jun 2016

LADA Screens presents Miss High Leg Kick’s ‘Audition Project’.

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LADA Screens: Oreet Ashery – Launch Event

16 May 2016

LADA Screens presents Oreet Ashery’s ‘Revisiting Genesis’.

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