Dissenting Bodies Marking Time – Study Movie Room and Bibliotheque

LADA is delighted to continue our collaborative relationship with artists VestAndPage (Andrea Pagnes and Verena Stenke) and Venice International Performance Art Week.

Dissenting Bodies Marking Time is the next edition of the Co-Creation Live Factory project, taking place in Venice between 8 and 18 January 2020. Dissenting Bodies Marking Time is a twelve day intensive residential programme consisting of eight days of workshops and co-creation followed by four days of public performances by the collective assembled artistic community.

In Live Art, political and social concerns are either openly or intimately entwined to the philosophical, the personal, the psychological, the scientific and the spiritual. The artist's body serves as a tool for civil disobedience to look at our life and the future from new perspectives. Through our bodies, we express our poetic resistance and all that which is most profoundly human to mark our times, ultimately love, even though at times to the extreme.

LADA’s contribution to Dissenting Bodies Marking Time takes the form of a Bibliotheque on the themes of dissent, collaboration and time, and a video review of four works presented in the Study Movie Room. The Bibliotheque and review have been curated by Joseph Morgan Schofield. LADA’s screening programme consists of works by Adam Patterson, George Chakravarthi, Morgan Quaintance and selina bonelli.

Further information on the screenings may be found here.

about Dissenting Bodies Marking Time

Dissenting Bodies Marking Time is for artists and poets who are eager to journey through time and to be wholly immersed into a reality that brings into focus prejudices and assumptions in order to undermine them. Artists are invited to join the common ground of a new temporary artistic community and have themselves over a barrel, to hazard, assess, lay it on the line, hit for, strike down, ground, try out, tax to the limit, collect, edge and hive, lay down their arms, hammer away – get started, break into, scrutinize, and step forth. Eventually, participants are welcome to enjoy the present state of being, trusting that vulnerability, fragility and failure are part of our human nature and an ever-changing reality.

The two tutor groups are led by  Marilyn Arsem, and by VestAndPage and Andrigo&Aliprandi.

The workshops will be punctuated with lectures and interventions by guest artists and tutors Guillermo Gómez-PeñaBoris NieslonyKira O’ReillyBalitronic GómezFenia KotsopoulouFrancesco KiàisMarcel Sparmann and Joseph Morgan Schofield.

A call for applicants remains open until December 7 2019. More information about the call, and workshop fees may be found here.

Adam Patterson, Looking for ‘Looking for Langston’, 2018. Still from video. Courtesy of the artist.
Jon John, Love on Me, 2017. (Jon John with his mother). Image © Guénolé Le Gal
Live Art is a way of thinking about what art can be, where it can be, how it's made, who it's made for, how it's experienced, how its remembered, written about and how it will contribute to broader understandings of who we are in this world.

Banner image credit:

Venice International Performance Art Week, Co-Creation Live Factory Prologue 1, 2017. Image © Lorenza Cini.

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