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Live art: Definition and documentation

Artist/Author: Nick Kaye | Reference: A0877 | Type: Article

Considers the inter‐disciplinarity of ‘Live Art’ as a field of work and as a performance practice.

From the British Live Art: Essays and Documentation issue.

P.S. Collection

Editor: Roger Ely | Reference: P3608 | Type: Publication

Complete collection of Primary Sources on the International Performing Arts. Includes issues 1 to 8, (1979 – 1981). Includes originals of issues 1 (two copies), 2 (two copies), 3, and 4 (two copies), as well as photocopies of all eight issues.

In the glass cabinet.

Speaking Your Mind: Ethyl Eichelberger and Lily Savage

Artist/Author: Neil Bartlett | Reference: A0513 | Type: Article

In 1987 Neil Bartlett used the London International Festival of Theatre’s decision to bring Ethyl Eichelberger to the ICA as a motive to visit her in New York and then Lily Savage in London. Asking the same questions, they discuss their different approaches to drag.


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